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Weirdly Unique Wedding Gift for the Bride and Groom

For a truly unique wedding gift, turn your bodies into sculpture. What better way to preserve a moment in time on the eve of your marriage? Welcome to the weird world of alternative art – and the ultimate wedding present you could give to each other.

Weird art wedding gift by Paul Stafford

‘The Kiss’ by artist and sculptor, Paul Stafford

Unique Wedding Gift

Fancy having your face or body cast with your fiance and made into a work of art? It could be the most amazing wedding present you give to each other and a keepsake to treasure always.  This is the ultimate in unique and personal wedding keepsakes, a lasting and tangible expression of your love.

‘The Kiss’

‘The Kiss’ is a study of the lower parts of a couple’s face as they kiss and cut roughly into the shape of a love heart.  The kissing couple are due to be married next weekend, and the sculpture is their wedding gift to each other which they are planning to display, pride of place, on their sitting room wall.

The Process

The sculpting process is very quick and sets in minutes. I went along to the artist’s studio to watch him work and was fascinated by the speed and precision of it all. You really could be cast into a work of art during your lunch hour! The results are instantly impressive and once dry Paul paints the castings for display at Gallery Different, in the heart of London’s fashionable Fitzrovia.

The Artist

Paul Stafford is already a respected sculptor in the art world, elected a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors in 2011 in recognition of his contribution to British Sculpture.

I found Paul to be a surprisingly unassuming man, and he was extremely professional, friendly and welcoming as we chatted at length about his life and work. He told me of his near-death experience six years ago when he survived a plane crash when BA038 crash landed at Heathrow, an experience which, in his words, led him to ‘a truly creative place where the barriers between madness and creativity lie very close together’.

You can see more of Paul’s sculptures and commission your own at Gallery Different.

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Have Your Say

What do you think of this highly unusual piece of unique artwork? Would you consider having a cast of your faces in a kiss or your hands clasped together? Please have your say in the comments below.

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