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What to Buy Your Mrs

At Confetti.co.uk, we’re big advocates in not preaching wedding stereotypes. We think weddings are most beautiful when they are a reflection of the only two people who matter in a marriage–the bride and groom. Although we try to empower you to think outside the box of ‘what is expected’ we know that many of you consider yourselves to be traditional and would like a traditional wedding experience. Today, we’ll try to strike a balance and discuss a very traditional subject in both a traditional and a modern way.

What to Buy Your Mrs | Confetti.co.uk


When it comes to know what to buy your Mrs on your wedding day, many grooms report not knowing where to begin. Let’s look at some traditional options for those who’d like to play it safe.

Traditional Gifts to Buy Your Mrs

A String of Pearls

Elegant and classy, pearls make for a classic, unforgettable gift. Of course, a gift of this stature can have a hefty price tag to match, so unless you’ve recently won Euromillions, consider cheaper pearl options such as freshwater pearls.

Budget: £-££

Pro: If she’s a girly girl, pearls will score you huge brownie points

Con: A gift of expensive pearls might set a dangerous precedent for future gifts; don’t give above your means!

A Fresh Bunch of Flowers

Fresh flowers as a wedding gift for your bride | Confetti.co.uk

If you’ve really been listening and involved in the wedding plans, you may know what type of flowers she’ll be carrying in her bouquet. Arrange for some of these to be delivered to her as she’s getting ready, it’ll show that you’re thoughtful and in tune with her likes.

Budget: £-£££

Pro: Every girl likes flowers, especially when they’re unexpected

Con: With the bouquet, the flowers decorating the ceremony and the reception space and then the bouquet you have delivered, you may have to put up with quite a few blooms over the upcoming weeks

An Elegant Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet as a gift for a new bride | Confetti.co.uk

Despite the name, this gift does not require the use of trainers, tiny tennis skirts or a mean forehand serve. A tennis bracelet is actually a dainty piece of jewellery that’s often diamond or crystal studded. While a quick Google search reveals options in the higher price ranges, hunting around at a local high street jewellers is an easy way to keep the cost affordable.

Budget: £££

Pro: Hello, diamonds

Con: The cost of diamonds

Modern Gifts to Buy Your Mrs

A Sexy LBD

A little black dress as a wedding gift for a new bride | Confetti.co.uk

Here’s one to add to your vocabulary, men: LBD or little black dress. It’s the thing she’s likely to shimmy into for a date night. This gift works on multiple levels: it’ll keep her happy and you.

Budget: £-££

Pro: Every woman wants the perfect LBD

Con: Buying clothes for your other half is always a risk. Remember you’ll have to take into account size, shape and cut …

A Thoughtful, Useful Voucher

Gift cards are out of the question. We’re talking about thoughtful vouchers that your Mrs might actually want to use. Are you marrying a budding chef? Trawl the web for foodie experience sites where she’ll get to cook with the pros or spend some time indulging with a tasting menu at your local Michelin starred restaurant. Put some thought into the voucher; don’t opt for the generic.

Budget: £-£££

Pro: Demonstrates that you know who she is and what she likes to do

Con: Could be viewed as a cop-out gift if you purchase a generic voucher

A Break from the Chores

We know you’re a forward thinking modern man and you wouldn’t dream of suggesting your wife spend every day in the kitchen cooking for you and cleaning up after you. We also know you’ll be more than willing to pitch in around the flat and probably suggest how you can divide the chores. Even with all your careful consideration and divvying of duties, your new Mrs might love the idea of being able to take a break from the chores and spend some quality time with you. Whether you create coupons to give her to cash in when she needs a bit of a break or you vow to take on some of her responsibilities when things get overwhelming, this is one very modern gift that your Mrs will appreciate.

Budget: Free

Pro: Modern life is fast-paced. This is an opportunity for her to slow down and enjoy the ride.

Con: Seriously, we couldn’t think of a single one.

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