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What Will Your Guests Give the Couple with Everything?

If you are looking for a more meaningful way to celebrate your marriage than a toaster or set of saucepans, then a dedication of woodland with the Woodland Trust is the perfect solution.

Couple married in the woods |


With traditional wedding gift lists becoming less relevant for couples tying the knot, increasing numbers of newlyweds are looking for a more unusual way for friends and families to mark their special day. The popularity of asking wedding guests for a gift to help the happy couple set up home has been steadily declining as the number living together before getting hitched goes up. Imagine having a piece of woodland dedicated just to you; a unique place you can visit whenever you choose and watch grow and change over the years.  Your area of woodland will be a special place where wildlife will flourish, a picnic spot for you and your partner and a playground for your children.

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Your loved ones can contribute to your fund to dedicate an area of woodland in 50 different woods across the UK. You can also fund the planting of trees at Woodland Trust sites and even have your own bench or grove marker in your dedicated area. Individual trees can also be dedicated as a gift and for couples looking to give something back to their guests, a dedicated tree makes a meaningful and special wedding favour. Each tree is dedicated once only and can be visited for free at any time. You’ll receive a certificate, information about your chosen wood and a map showing the area where our dedicated trees grow.

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Unique Wedding Gift Bears Fruit for Newlyweds

Hanna and Nick Chamberlin’s unusual wedding gift of an acre of woodland is treasured by loved ones who visit the couple’s special place on their behalf.

Hanna and Nick
Photo credit; Matt Faber

The couple live in Australia but were keen to return to the UK to be married among family and friends. Instead of a traditional wedding gift list, the couple chose to ask for donations towards a dedication of an acre of ancient woodland at Duncliffe Wood in Dorset. The extra gifts they received meant they could also und the planting of 75 trees at one of our newest woods – Heartwood Forest in St Albans. Nick explained: “While we dream of one day owning our own piece of woodland, we thought that dedicating an area of ancient woodland would be close enough and a beautiful way of having a lasting memory of our wedding day which could be shared by friends and family for generations to come.” The newlyweds were joined by their wedding guests the day after the wedding for a walk in Duncliffe Wood and their acre of woodland has provided a focal point for family and friends to visit since their return to Oz. The couple have even had a jar of blackberry jam posted out to them by Hanna’s brother, who was inspired to make jam from the berries he picked at their dedicated area. Wedding Couple in Woodland | Hanna said: “The treatment of forests in Australia has made us even more appreciative of the woodlands in the UK and particularly the work done by the Woodland Trust to preserve woods for the public.” Organising a dedication of woodland or trees  is easy – speak to The Woodland Trust’s expert advisers by calling 0330 333 3300 or visiting

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