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Why Experiences Make The Best Wedding Gifts

Choosing the perfect wedding gift can be a difficult process. Many couples will provide their guests with a list to choose from, but if they don’t, or you want to get them something truly special that’s not on their list, then you often need to rely on inspiration. Tinggly shows us why experiences make the best wedding gifts.

Why Experiences Make The Best Wedding Gifts | Confetti.co.uk


Introducing Tinggly Experiences, the easy way to ensure your gift hits the mark every time. Research has indicated that experiences make people happier than material items, because of the anticipation beforehand, and the happy memories afterwards. Why give them something that might just end up in the back of a cupboard for the next 20 years, when you can give them something they might well remember for the rest of their married lives?

Why Experiences Make The Best Wedding Gifts | Confetti.co.uk

A Tinggly gift card isn’t just for weddings either. It can be a unique honeymoon gift idea as well, and can equally serve as an engagement gift for couples too. In fact, let’s be honest, experience gifts will do for pretty much any occasion at all!

How Tinggly Experiences Work

The process is very simple. Tinggly has 100s of amazing experiences in its collection all around the world, from romantic to cultural, pampering to adrenaline-packed. More are added every month. The experiences are grouped into three categories: Essential, Premium and Ultimate. You select which of these packages you want to buy, and Tinggly then send a personalized voucher to the lucky recipient, either in the form of a stylish gift box, or by email. They offer shipping worldwide, which is handy if you’re not able to attend the wedding in person.

Then comes the fun part. It’s easy to get lost for hours browsing the Tinggly map, looking through all the different types of experiences for couples that are available. The couple might want to do something which they have a shared interest in, such as wine tasting, horse-riding or a spa day. Or they might want to get out of their comfort zone and try something completely new like scuba diving or hot air ballooning. But they’re sure to find something they both want to do, no matter if it takes them a while to agree.

Every Tinggly voucher is valid for up to two years, so you can see how it makes for a great honeymoon gift idea – even if they’re taking their honeymoon some time after the wedding it works. It’s also a fantastic gift idea for couples that love to travel.

Once they’ve decided what they want to do, where and when, they simply use the very easy redemption process and are put directly in touch with the organisers to sort out the finer details.

So when you give a Tinggly gift experience voucher as a wedding present, you’re essentially giving them the gift of choice – happiness is practically guaranteed!

Experience Gift Ideas for Couples

For the happy couple who…

Want luxury

Why Experiences Make The Best Wedding Gifts| Confetti.co.uk

Many couples choose to honeymoon in India for a flavour of the exotic, and we think this overnight stay in a 15th century palace is truly the lap of luxury. It’s located just outside Delhi, so nice and convenient, and it offers the perfect way to get away from it all for a while – no phones or televisions, stunning countryside views, and even an on-site spa. Dreamy.

Want adventure

Why Experiences Make The Best Wedding Gifts | Confetti.co.uk

Iceland is another very popular honeymoon destination, it’s on many people’s bucket lists. There is a fantastic range of experiences to try in Iceland but we like the look of this guided trek across a glacier that takes you inside an actual ice cave.

Want romance

Why Experiences Make The Best Wedding Gifts | Confetti.co.uk

There are a lot of hot air ballooning trips all over the world in the extensive Tinggly collection, it must be something a lot of people want to try. We think one of the best must be this balloon trip over the famous Napa Valley in California though, if only because after you land you can then combine it with a spot of wine-tasting!

Want something a little different

Why Experiences Make The Best Wedding Gifts | Confetti.co.uk

It’s not hard to find a unique experience in the Tinggly catalogue, but if you want to really see things from a different perspective there’s this undersea walking tour in Indonesia. It resembles scuba diving a little, but there’s no tank of air to worry about, you just wear a specially designed helmet and follow a guide along the seabed for incredible views of all the colourful marine life on display.

We love the idea of doing things a little differently and giving Tinggly experiences as wedding gifts, and we’re pretty sure your family and friends will too! For more information please visit Tinggly.

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