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Why You Should Choose a Wedding Gift List Even if You Don’t Want Gifts

Choosing a wedding gift list can be a headache, which is why almost half of couples decide not to have one. Corrie Jones, founder of explains why you should choose a wedding gift list, even if you don’t want gifts.

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Why You Should Choose a Wedding Gift List

With so many of us setting up home together before marriage, the traditional gift list of pots and pans can feel a bit redundant. And even if you don’t want a gift list you should still let your guests know what you would like or you may end up with a pile of stuff you just don’t need!

To avoid receiving twenty four toasters (a true story), here are my top five alternative wedding gift list ideas:

1. Create a Personalised Wedding Cookbook

Invite your friends and family to give you the gift of a recipe and create a unique cookbook to celebrate your wedding day. is an alternative gift list service that enables guests to contribute their recipes, photos and personal messages online for you to receive a free hardback recipe book full of all your friends and family’s treasured recipes. It’s the ultimate personalised wedding gift from all of your guests and something you will cherish long after their wedding day. They also provide a voucher service enabling guests to supplement their contribution by gifting high street or honeymoon voucher.

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2. Buy a Piece of Artwork

Celebrate your big day by asking your guests to contribute towards an original artwork to commemorate your wedding. A Glasgow based gallery provides a unique service that allows couples to choose a specific piece of art for guests to contribute to or the couple can even commission a bespoke piece of art from the gallery’s registered artists. They also deliver worldwide.

3. Have an Experience

Ask your guests to give you the gift of an experience, something to enjoy together as a couple, making memories. You could have a voucher for a meal at a local restaurant or tickets to see a show. They could club together to buy you a cookery class, chocolate making or cocktail masterclass, or even a spa day. With a bit or imagination you could have your date nights sorted for the next year thanks to your guests!

 4. Dedicate a Woodland

For the nature-loving couple with an eye on the environment the Woodland Trust has come up with a lovely service that enables guests to give the gift of a tree or a dedicated piece of woodland. You can set up a collection on their website and your friends and family can contribute towards your chosen piece of woodland where you can also have an individually crafted oak bench and personalised plaque in your dedicated area. It’s a lovely way to create something everlasting and a chance to contribute to the Woodland Trust‘s work caring for woods and wildlife.

5. Give to Charity

Use your big day to help a charity by suggesting guests make a charitable donation in your name. You could also make a donation on behalf of your guests and have unique and meaningful wedding favours. If you have a charity that is important to you, such as Cancer Research, it’s a great way to highlight a good cause to your guests and help raise money for a charity close to your heart.Recipe Gift Book |

With these alternative gift list ideas now available, you are sure to find one that will reflect your personality and allow friends and family to give you something memorable to celebrate your wedding day.

Find out more about how to create your own recipe gift book for your gift list at And you could win your own recipe gift book when you enter the Win Your Wedding competition.

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