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Your Wedding Gift List – Future Heirlooms

If there is one thing everyone can agree on when it comes to wedding gifts, it is this – the best gifts are the ones you actually want to keep. Your guests want you to use their gifts for years and years to come, and you probably want gifts that won’t need replacing in about six months. The great news is, if you choose wisely, you will have items that will become heirlooms and keepers of your family history. It is a romantic notion that appeals to many, especially if their own families aren’t part of this tradition. After all, who doesn’t get that warm nostalgic feeling when they hear family-lore related to precious belongings?

Prezola Vera Wang Tableware


It is a charming idea to have heirlooms passed along from generation to generation. Authentic items of old-world charm, in patterns that have long been discontinued, one-of-a-kind, no longer available to be bought, always bring a special feeling to any relevant family occasion. Think of the “something old” bridal tradition – how many brides wear grandma’s pearls, or mum’s hair clips from her own wedding? Isn’t it a lovely idea to have some gorgeous and beloved items to pass on to the future generations – the children and the grandchildren? When talking of heirlooms, many people automatically assume it means jewellery – but heirlooms can be so much more: sophisticated dinnerware, crystal, art, furniture, or even champagne! Buy these items now, and in the years to come they will become your own heirlooms – and you will love having something to pass on to your children.

Here’s how you can create your own heirlooms and give guests great choices that they’ll love to buy.


Vera Wang Lace Platinum Collection by Prezola

Dinnerware is the most traditional item to feature on wedding gift lists and really popular with guests too. It’s incredibly flexible, fitting into budgets from £10 to £1,000 and beyond. British classic Wedgwood is always a hit and right now we love the Vera Wang Lace Platinum range.


Dartington Decanters by Prezola

Glassware is always popular, but unlikely to last long enough to become an heirloom. But a good decanter will last and Dartington Crystal has a great range which they’ll engrave, making it really personal. Use it at all special family occasions and keep it for future generations.

Quality Ovenware

Creuset Cookware by Prezola

It’s practical, beautiful and when chosen well will survive forever. Le Creuset is the most popular brand to appear on our wedding gift lists, and the most popular brand for guests to buy! Prezola sources directly from Le Creuset at Amazon so it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Pick your colour wisely – it’ll be with you for a while.

Cutlery Canteen

Viners Cutlery by Prezola

Not for everyday use, but something to come out every Christmas and for dinner with the boss when you’re out to impress. Viners are the original British providers of quality tableware and you can’t go wrong with the ‘Bead’ range; timeless, simple and excellent quality. You can go for a 54 piece set, or push the boat out with the silver plated 100 piece canteen, above left.

Garden or Storage Bench

Benches by Prezola

Not an obvious choice, but garden benches are really very popular with our clients this summer. Go for a quality hardwood and you’ll be able to sit on it for your silver anniversary. To make it really special, add a plaque, or have your names and wedding date carved into the wood.

Personalised Artwork

Art by Prezola

Not On The High Street are the kings of cool art and most of it can be personalised to suit you. Celebrate your new family name with something cool or have your invitation made into a ceramic dish or wall plaque. We love this wedding celebration print by ‘Rock the Custard’, above left, which comes in loads of colours and is customised with your information!

Crystal Vases

Crystal Vases by Prezola

You’ll need at least one fabulous crystal vase for all those flowers you’ll be buying each other over the years, and they’re really popular with guests too. It doesn’t have to be dull; go for something unusual like the Kenneth Turner Rocky vase at Amara Living, above left.

Kitchenaid Artisan

Kitchenaid by Prezola

As they say, every kitchen needs a Kitchenaid. It’s the piece of counter-top bling and if a guest has deep pockets you’ll love it forever! Who cares if you can’t bake yet? You’ll have years to learn. Be bold with your colour choice if you dare, like the brilliant blue above left, or play it safe with this Cafe Latte cream special edition, for a guaranteed touch of sophistication.

Vintage Champagne

Champagne by Prezola

Order a case of champagne and keep for all the special occasions that will crop up in the future. Crack one open for your first-born’s birthday, swill down another at key anniversaries and keep one for your daughter’s wedding. Park Lane do a great case of good quality champagne with personalised labels.

Fortnum & Mason Hamper

Hampers by Prezola

A real favourite with us and with guests, because you get the double whammy! Lovely stuff to eat and drink as soon as you get back from the honeymoon, plus a quality F&M hamper that makes a great and stylish storage accessory that lasts and lasts. It looks great even if it is full of wellies, hats and scarves.

Prezola has just launched their brand new website where couples can add any item from any retailer to their wedding gift list, free of charge. Partner retailers include all of your High Street and online favourites from John Lewis, M&S and The White Company to NotOnTheHighStreet and Amazon. Plus, they now offer three great new delivery options including the new Premier Service, where everything is delivered in one go on a date to suit you. Check it out now!

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