chocolate wedding favours

Chocolate Wedding Favours: 23 Delicious Ideas

The challenge when choosing your wedding favours is to pick something your guests are going to love and want to take with them. This is why chocolate wedding favours are the perfect choice!

Who can resist the temptation of a chocolate wedding favour? Especially when there are so many great options, including personalised ones – your guests are going to love them.


The beauty of picking chocolate is that it’s also a pretty affordable wedding favour choice, leaving you lots more budget for other wedding essentials.

chocolate wedding favours

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23 Irresistible Chocolate Wedding Favours

Personalised M&Ms

We love the idea of treating your guests to a little bag of personalised M&Ms. You can choose up to two colours, personalise the text and add a picture too! The prices work on a sliding scale depending on how many you buy, but it works out at £2.80 per bag if you buy a minimum of 60.

Buy personalised M&M chocolate wedding favours here.

personalised m&m chocolate favours

Alternatively, you can buy a large bag for £79 and package them yourselves.

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Personalised Chocolate Favours

How cute are these personalised chocolate letters from Morse Toad on Not on the High Street? You can choose three characters (so, your initials and a heart…or something like OMG or LOL if that’s more your vibe?) and they come beautifully presented in a little box, at £1.99 per unit.

chocolate letter favours

You can buy the personalised chocolate letter favours here.

Hot Chocolate Stirrer

What is more comforting than a creamy cup of hot chocolate? With this hot chocolate stirrer on a stick from Whittards, you can give your guests a really luxurious treat. It’s ideal if you’re having a winter wedding! The hot chocolate block comes beautifully presented in a box, and includes a wooden spoon for stirring and mini marshmallows. It’s £3.50 per spoon and you can choose from a delicious range of flavours.

Buy hot chocolate stirrers from Whittards here.

Mini Chocolate Bar Favour

Sometimes you just want a straight up chocolate bar, and this mini chocolate bar favour (£2.25) from Not on the High Street is perfect for that. Made by Quirky Gift Library, you can also turn them into place cards for an additional 30p.

You can customise the ribbon colour, and even the type of chocolate, making it a truly personalised wedding favour idea.

Shop mini chocolate bar wedding favours here.

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Chocolate Crackers

No one can resist Hotel Chocolat treats, and this set of mini chocolate filled Christmas crackers actually make a great choice for wedding favours – it’s £17 for a box of ten, meaning you can easily distribute them between your guests for £1.70 per person! A total bargain for a luxury chocolate wedding favour.

Shop mini chocolate Christmas crackers here.

Little Chocolate Tipples

For those with a smaller guest list or a bigger budget, consider these mini chocolate tipples from Hotel Chocolat. A set includes six miniatures: two cocoa gins, two salted caramel vodka liqueurs and two chocolate cream liqueurs. You could distribute these between your guests for £3 per head.

Shop little chocolate tipples on Hotel Chocolat here.

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Personalised Place Setting Favours

If you’re looking to get creative with your favours and want to boost your wedding budget, consider these chocolate bar wedding favours from Not on the High Street, which also double as a place setting. You can personalise them with each of your guests’ names, making them even more special, and at £3.25 each for a favour and a place card, they’re a bargain!

Shop personalised place setting bars here.

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Chocolate Heart Lollipops (Pack of 2)

These chocolate heart lollipops are super cute and will add an adorable, whimsical feel to your wedding place settings. It’s £3.60 for a pack of two and you can choose between milk, white or a combination of both. They’re made by the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co from high quality Belgian chocolate and are available on Not on the High Street.

Buy chocolate heart lollipop wedding favours here.

Handmade Chocolate Rose Truffles

Are you looking for a truly luxurious option for your chocolate wedding favours? We are in love with these chocolate rose truffles, handmade in Yorkshire by Sweet Chic and available to buy on Not on the High Street.

You can choose from a range of truffle flavours, including orange and raspberry, and the rose petals can be dusted with a colour that matches your wedding style. It’s £162.50 for 25 favours, which is slightly more expensive, but could be a great option if you’re having a smaller wedding. The price per unit also reduces if you buy more.

Shop handmade rose truffles here.

Mini Chocolate Pizzas

Everyone loves chocolate, everyone loves pizza, so mini chocolate pizzas are always going to be a winner! It’s £35 for a pack of 10 mini chocolate pizzas, available on Not on the High Street. There are so many different, delicious flavours to choose from – you’ll be spoilt for choice and your guests will be delighted.

Buy mini chocolate pizza wedding favours here.

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Personalised Chocolate Pizza Slices

If you love the pizza idea but want something with a more personal touch, you’ll love The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co’s chocolate pizza slice option, which comes beautifully presented in a personalised box and is £74 for 25 slices.

Shop personalised chocolate pizza slices here.

Oreo Wedding Favours

These covered Oreos are so beautifully decorated, your guests will definitely pause for a second or two before tucking into them. They come in individual boxes and can be customised to suit your wedding theme.

Shop Oreo wedding favours on Not on the High Street.

Mini Marbled Chocolate Baubles

Available to buy on Not on the High Street, these marbled chocolate baubles are a real treat – you can choose what goes inside them, including edible confetti, mini Smarties or even a sugared almond, if you want a traditional touch. Choose from a range of colours, included a mix of different ones if you can’t pick just one! Prices start from £150 for 25 boxes, with deals available if you buy more.

Shop the marbled chocolate baubles here.

Mini Chocolate Cupcake Favours

How adorable are these mini chocolate cupcakes, from Not on the High Street? You can order favour boxes alongside your order of mini chocolate cupcakes, or skip that option if you want to package them up yourselves. There is also a choice of decoration options so you can tailor them to your wedding style. Prices start at £13 for 12 handmade mini cupcakes.

Shop mini chocolate cupcakes on Not on the High Street here.

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Mini Dairy Milk Bars

If you can’t get enough of a Dairy Milk and you know your guests feel the same, why not show your appreciation with a mini Dairy Milk bar? You can buy them in bulk from Cadbury Gifts Direct. It works out at 30p per bar, making it a bargain choice if you want a chocolate wedding favour option that won’t break the bank.

Shop mini Dairy Milk bars here.

White Chocolate Smilies

These cute little white chocolate smilies from Thorntons will be appreciated by your guests! They’re also a great pick if you’re looking for a wedding favour to appeal to younger guests.

Shop white chocolate smilies here.

Smiley Chocolate Lollipop

 At £1 each, these smiley chocolate lollies from Thorntons are a total bargain – you can share Thornton’s quality chocolate with your guests without totally rinsing your wedding budget.

Buy smiley chocolate lollipops here.

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Green & Blacks Mini Bars

Give your guests the gift of high quality chocolate with a high cocoa content by treating them to mini bars from Green & Blacks. You can choose to personalise your chocolate bars, or you can bulk buy mini bars from £25.50 for a box of 30.

Shop personalised Green & Blacks bars here.

Buy mini milk chocolate bars from Green & Blacks here.

Mini Truffle Boxes

Treat your guests to the luxury of Charbonnel et Walker milk chocolate sea salt truffles! A box of two luxurious truffles, beautifully presented, is £3.95 from The Chocolate Trading Co.

Buy milk chocolate sea salt truffles here.

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Chocolate Hearts in Foil

A classic wedding favour choice for a reason! You can buy foil wrapped chocolate hearts from The Chocolate Trading Co in a range of colours and quantities, with 200 costing £24.95 – total bargain.

Shop chocolate hearts here.

Godiva Two Piece Truffle Box

Your guests will be totally delighted to take their seats and find a little box of Godiva chocolate truffles! These pretty boxes, containing two luxury truffles, are £2.25 each.

Shop Godiva truffles here.

Lily O’Briens Chocolate Box

Lily O’Briens offers a personalisation service that allows you to customise your chocolate boxes and choose from a list of sumptuous chocolate flavours to share with your guests. Prices are as low as 26p for the foil wrapped hearts, and a box of two chocolate treats starts at £1.20.

Shop chocolate boxes here.

Love is Sweet Chocolate Hearts

How pretty are these chocolate hearts mounted on personalised craft card from Little Indie Studio on Etsy? The price per unit decreases as your order number increases making it a great choice for those with a large guest list.

Shop personalised chocolate hearts here.

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