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Choosing sunglasses for your honeymoon

14th May 2009 |By | Be the first to comment

By Debbie Jean of

When purchasing sunglasses you will be faced with an array of styles.

You can narrow down your choices, making it easier to find a suitable pair if you take the following 3 areas into account:

  • Your personality
  • The fashion
  • Your face shape

Choose a store that is well stocked with efficient sales staff, who understand your needs.

Dark lenses make it difficult to see clearly in the mirror, be sure to look at the style and fit in a well lit area.


Take the pair you like outside into the sunshine, this way you can decide if the lens is too dark or perhaps not dark enough (if necessary leave your identification with the sales staff, so you can venture outside the store).

Take a look at these examples. If you are aiming for a more fashionable look choose sun glasses that make a statement – glasses on the right. Or play it safe and choose a more classical style that will last a few seasons without dating.

Selecting sunglasses can be fun, think about your needs and plan before going shopping!

Have an amazing honeymoon!

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