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A Guide to Choosing the Right Hen Party Gift for the Bride

25th March 2014 |By | Be the first to comment

Freedom! It’s a special kind of liberty one feels when getting married. The bride can say goodbye to singledom and say hello to a life of married bliss. But on the last night before her special union you can expect a hen party; you might want to buy the bride-to-be a lovely gift to carry into matrimony. And sometimes the bride might give her hen party invitees a gift—a favour—too. But let’s not stick with the clichés here. Let’s be original. Stuck for ideas? Never fear. Following are some great ideas for finding the right Hen Party Gift—for bride or bridesmaidswhich you might want to utilise!

Hen Gifts & Favours Mood Board with Ribboned Silver Top Hat Favour Box, Amore Bridesmaid Gift Charm Bracelet and Lilac- and silver-wrapped Christmas ParcelAbove, clockwise from top left: Ribboned Silver Top Hat Favour Box | Amore Bridesmaid Gift Charm Bracelet | Lilac- and Silver-wrapped Christmas Parcel

Firstly, know that a hen party doesn’t have to be the drunken, raucous debauchery we see in the movies. By all means go wild (safely) if you want to, but it isn’t for everyone. The type of party will no doubt impact your gift choice, whether it be beauty products or a bottle of fine wine. Either way, a gift to or from the bride will be far more heartfelt if it’s personalised instead of something generic (nothing wrong with that though!).

Hen Party Drinks Mood Board with Christmas Cheer Glass Decoration, Mini Martini Glasses and Crystal Tealight HoldersAbove, clockwise from left: Christmas Cheer Glass Decoration | Mini Martini Glasses | Crystal Tealight Holders

Use your instincts. You probably know the gift-receiver well enough to know what she—or he?—likes, but if that doesn’t help you then how about these?

Housewarming Gifts

If you wish to please the bride with something of sentimental value and something useful, perhaps aim for a household appliance she can use. Or maybe something ornamental, like a vase or a scented candle. Anything that can brighten up a corner or counter of her home.


A bachelorette party will always be a memory to treasure, but for something more corporeal you might aim for T-Shirts or sashes. A mark of the day that all participators can share in, and have a piece of.


Also, accessories like badges are a great mark of the day that are not only highly personal but also easily affordable. Similarly, jewellery is always a fantastic option for gifts. Friendship bracelets? Lockets? Charms? Take your pick.

Bridesmaid Gifts ConfettiAbove, bridesmaid gifts and accessories from the Confetti shop. Clockwise from the top-left: Amore Bridesmaid Gift Charm Bracelet | Personalised Fabulous Bridesmaid Teddy | Personalised Sweet Pink Charm Bracelet | Bridesmaids Jewellery Box Gift


Entertainment comes in many forms and therefore you have lots to choose from: cinema, theatre or festival tickets? Dancing? Drinks at a club or bar? A day out at a theme park or spa? The hiring of a personal DJ or—ahem…dancer. Furthermore, depending on the time of the year at which the bachelorette party is being held, you might be given some seasonal inspiration: things like Halloween and Christmas could each hold their own ideas for you to make use of such as masquerade parties and ice skating. The possibilities are endless.

Hen Party Mood Board with Ice Cluster White Crystal Garland, Coloured Floating Candles and Glamorous Bachelorette party-goers Above, clockwise from top left: Ice Cluster White Crystal Garland | Coloured Floating Candles | Glamorous Bachelorette Party-Goers

But of course, at the end of the day it truly is the thought that counts the most. I don’t believe you can go wrong with a gift from the heart. But please remember not to intentionally humiliate or embarrass anybody. A bachelorette party is all about enjoyment, and is the chance for the bride-to-be to go out in style. Have fun, but not at the expense of somebody else’s feelings.

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