Five Things You Didn’t Know About A Honeymoon in Greece

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Are you considering a honeymoon in Greece? There’s a reason why honeymoons in Greece are so popular – if you love brilliant sunsets, postcard-perfect streets, sea breezes, golden beaches and incredible cuisine, a honeymoon in Greece is the ideal pick for you.


We asked Greek travel experts Eros & Pysche for their five top insider tips of what you can discover when you honeymoon in Greece.

1. Don’t Disregard the Mainland

We’re all familiar with the many beautiful islands that Greece boasts, but don’t disregard the mainland! Many honeymooners don’t realise just how much the Greek mainland has to offer. There is so much beauty to be discovered on the Greek mainland, making your honeymoon truly special.

From Mani and Methoni in the Peloponnese to Syvota and Parga in Epirus, you will find amazing beaches, luscious greenery, and a traditional way of life that will make you fall in love with the Greek culture.

2. Go Off the Beaten Track

There are more than 200 islands that make up Greece – but you probably don’t know about most of them! These hidden gems of islands are what make up the magic of Greece.

Everyone knows about Mykonos and Santorini – and they are stunning locations! – however, why not consider the lush pine forests and turquoise waters of the Sporades? If you love history and architecture, you’ll fall in love with the Ionian islands which have many impressive historical buildings.

For those looking for a laidback break away from the typical tourists, the Dodecanese will offer a chilled-out escape with an authentic Greek feel.

3. There’s So Much to Explore

If your ideal honeymoon includes seeking an adrenaline rush, Greece will not disappoint. The amazing Greek nature, in addition to being absolutely breath-taking, will allow you to embark on unique thrilling adventures.

Thrill-seekers will love rafting in the Voidomatis river, climbing the great rocks of Meteora, or even hiking the legendary Mount Olympus – home of the gods!

You can also do plenty of different water sports around the Greek islands, making it an ideal choice if you want to experience once-in-a-lifetime thrills on your honeymoon that you can both look back on for years to come.

4. Visit Greece in the Winter

Although Greece is known for its fantastic weather and sun-drenched summers, it is also an excellent winter honeymoon destination. In addition to landscapes that resemble a winter wonderland, Greece boasts amazing ski resorts like Mainalo and Pelion, near traditional mountain villages that offer romantic strolls along their scenic cobbled streets.

For a really original experience, consider a winter honeymoon in Greece and see the country in a way so few visitors get to experience – in snow, with only locals about!

5. The Food is Out of this World

The Greek land has provided its people with nutritious and delicious products since the beginning of time. As a result, Greece has developed a world-renowned cuisine that satisfies even the most demanding of foodies. You cannot visit Greece and not enjoy its small, tucked-away taverns that serve delicious homemade recipes.

Try the cult classics like ‘souvlaki’, the king of Greek street food, but also experiment with new flavours and try the fresh fish and seafood; you won’t regret it. What could be more perfect than zingy, salty feta cheese and freshly cooked calamari as you sit next to the sparkling sea? It’s an experience you can only truly have in Greece.

It’s time to start planning for the future again after a year of tough restrictions. Why not start your life as a married couple in the best way possible with a dream honeymoon in Greece? Whether you’re looking for a quaint getaway or a vibrant party scene, Greece will be all you’ve been dreaming of and then some!

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