Honeymoon photos

Follow our top tips for taking great snaps

Get the gear

A few months before you head off on honeymoon, take a good look at the camera you currently own. If you’ve had it for a while and you’re considering buying a new one, now’s the time. In fact, this is something you might even consider putting on your wedding list. Unless you’re planning on turning pro or taking some serious lessons in photography, don’t invest in a complicated, top of the range camera with a variety of lenses. Stick to a ‘point and shoot’ digital option.


If you don’t have a digital camera, it’s seriously worth investing in one. As soon as you get back from honeymoon, you can put all your photos online and email them to family and friends. Most digital cameras also enable you to film short videos. If you do buy a new camera, read the manual, take lots of practice shots and make sure you take all the instructions, batteries, charger and memory cards away with you. You might as well make sure you’re using it to its full potential.

Get the right honeymoon shots

You don’t need to spend your entire honeymoon planning the photography, but it’s a good idea to think about how to take the best shots. For example, the best time of day to take photographs is either early or late (before 10am or after 3pm). A midday shot on the beach, therefore, might not be great because the sun is high and bright. Instead, wait until the sun is lower in the sky to start snapping, and make sure the sun is behind whoever is taking the photo.

Take a chance

Your honeymoon is a great opportunity to try a few creative shots. You might decide to take things from a different perspective or angle. You can also be creative in terms of subject matter. Try taking close up photographs of flowers, for example, or use an underwater camera if you’re going diving or snorkelling. And take plenty of photos just in case any don’t come out.

Photos of the happy couple

As you’re probably not taking anyone else on honeymoon with you, getting shots of the two of you together is something of a challenge. You’ll be annoyed if you get home and don’t have any happy couple shots, so don’t be afraid to ask people around you if they would mind taking a photograph of you. Chances are they’ll be delighted and ask you to return the favour, especially if you ask another couple on their honeymoon.

Back to reality

If you have used film, take or send it to be developed at a reputable company as soon as you’re back.
With digital shots, either choose the best ones to put online and email to friends and family, or print out your favouritesfor your wedding album. Wait until they are in the album before showing them off. As well as making for a much better viewing experience (and keeping your photos free from finger prints), friends and family will be grateful for not having to look through hundreds of similar shots…

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