Honeymoons: the confetti complete guide

A complete guide to planning your honeymoon. Everything you need to know about the most romantic holiday you will ever take…

All you need to know to have a wonderful holiday after your wedding


Once you’ve opened all of your wedding presents and polished off the last of the wedding cake, you might be feeling a bit deflated that it’s all over. After all, you’ve spent months, maybe even years planning your wedding, so what are you going to do with yourself now? Jet off on your honeymoon of course!

Your honeymoon is a perfect way to reward yourselves for all of your hard work and a chance to relax after the hectic wedding preparations. It’s also the first chance you’ll get to spend some time together as man and wife away from your families and friends, so it’s important to get it right.

Traditionally it’s the groom who will book and pay for the honeymoon, however couples are increasingly choosing their trip of a lifetime together, or even asking for travel vouchers as wedding gifts. Choosing together could be a good idea, as even the most well‐meaning groom can get it wrong sometimes. If she wants two weeks lounging on a beach, and he wants an action‐packed fortnight of white water rafting, then the honeymoon is not likely to be a harmonious experience!

Planning your honeymoon can seem like a big task, but we have everything you need to make it as stress free as possible with answers to all the big questions. When’s a good time to travel? What should you pack? What vaccinations will you need? And perhaps most importantly, where should you go?!

Modern couples are not limiting themselves to the traditional honeymoon, with anything from backpacking round the world to a weekend in a sleepy country on the menu. The most important thing is that you choose somewhere that suits both of you. Read Confetti’s guide to choosing your destination, with travel guides on the most popular destinations, as well as profiles on couples who’ve gone off the beaten track.

Find tips and ideas on:

  • Top 50 honeymoon destinations
  • Romantic honeymoons close to home
  • Making the most of it
  • When to go
  • Planning and booking
  • Honeymoon checklist
  • Honeymoon health tips

For inspiration see our Honeymoons Showcase.

Consider Confetti your own personal window on the world, offering you everything you need to ensure that your honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime.

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