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A castle wedding in France is like a fairytale come true... 

Rivau castle was constructed in the 15th Century by Pierre de Beauvau, the Great Chamberlain of King Charles 7th of France. It is the archetype of a fairytale castle with a keep, white stone and moats which makes it the perfect destination wedding venue.

Rivau castle is a magical place with 14 gardens that are perfect for a civil wedding ceremony. Each one of them has a different feel to them that can match couples dreams. The castle is beautifully located in the middle of the french countryside but easily accessible by train or plane from the UK and Ireland.

This perfect destination wedding venue also has 17 luxious rooms that are beautifully renovated and equiped with modern confort. The caslte is privately owned and the owner with make sure the guest will be cared for in the best manner.

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Rue Du Château, Lemere, 37120, Lemere, France
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