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5 Luxe Honeymoon Destinations Abroad

After the busyness of your wedding, it’s only natural to want to spend some time unwinding with your partner on an unforgettable honeymoon abroad. We’ve traveled the globe (from the comfort of our office chairs, unfortunately) to bring you 5 stunning destinations for a luxe honeymoon abroad! Passports at the ready!

5 luxe honeymoon destinations | Confetti.co.uk


Soak up the Sun

Sun-soaked sandy beaches and Tiffany-blue seas are key components of the quintessential honeymoon. A comfy sun lounger and the quiet rustle of palm trees bending in a tropical breeze epitomises relaxation, making beautiful beaches some of the most sought after honeymoon destinations.

Joly Beach Resort in Antigua | Confetti.co.uk
Soak up the sun during your honeymoon at this magnificent Antigua resort.

Our ideal location for reconnecting with Mr or Mrs Right following your wedding day activities has to be the serene Jolly Beach Resort and Spa in Antigua. This stunning all-inclusive resort sits on one of Antigua’s exquisite 365 beaches. By day, stroll hand-in-hand with your spouse beneath the warm sun and at night, enjoy cultural performers, fire dancers and live music as a cool breeze blows.

Cuddle up against the Cold

For a honeymoon that’s off the beaten path, take to Iceland’s rustic wonderland. Imagine it: wrapped under a thick blanket with your sweetie as you witness the aurora borealis, a breathtaking natural light phenomena where the sky is painted in electric shifting hues of green, blue and pink.

Nestle up with your spouse beneath Iceland's natural lights display on your honeymoon. | Confetti.co.uk
An electric green strip of the Northern Lights hangs above the majestic Hotel Ranga in Iceland.

We love the idea of whisking off to Iceland following a winter wedding and recommend our friends at Hotel Ranga, a charming 4-star countryside hotel with beautiful cozy rooms, ideal for intimate, undisturbed evenings.

Opt for Opulence in a Historic Castle

Rolling Italian hills, 13th century medieval castles and lush green gardens are at the height of honeymoon romance. Combining a historic setting with the rustic charm of rural Tuscany is exactly what our third luxe honeymoon destination offers. If you fancy playing lady of the manor and snuggling up with your newly-crowned spouse in splendidly detailed rooms, Castello di Meleto was designed for you.

Decadent and opulent Castello di Meleto Tuscan honeymoon destination. | Confetti.co.uk
Play lord and lady of the manor and honeymoon in a medieval 13th century Tuscan castle.

The height of grandeur, a honeymoon cosied up on lush sofas in the Chianti region is purely decadent. And of course, a vineyard tour and Chianti tasting would be an indulgent way to relax in such picturesque settings.

Embark on an African Adventure

Gentle savannah grasses dotted with iconic African animals in the distance and warming breezes categorise a typical South African day at our fourth featured honeymoon destination. Imagine long, lazy days taking in the sun on safari and encounters with wildlife in their natural habitat. At the end of your day, you can expect moderate evenings that burst to life with warmth and the call of wildlife in the distance.

Wildlife and nature come with the package during an African honeymoon.
Experience wildlife the way nature intended on a South African safari honeymoon.

Bushman’s Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat is an ecological oasis nestled at the foothills of mountains. Don your khakis and safari hat and escape on a unforgettable adventure across the South African plains with the love of your life at your side. Don’t forget to take advantage of the spa, too!

Unwind in an Urban Paradise

Get the best of both worlds: sun and sea and city during a honeymoon to trendy Miami, Florida. Miami is a city renowned for duality, from the fusion of the commotion of a large city with serene, white sand beaches to its art deco meets modern architecture, there’s sights galore to take in at this destination.

The Tides South Beach Miami  Honeymoon Destination | Confetti.co.uk
Combine the beauty of the beach with the commotion of the city in trendy Miami.

Sample charming American hospitality and a buzzing nightlife at The Tides South Beach. Head to world renown crystal beaches by day and dance away the nights dressed to the nines with the person you’ve promised to love for the rest of your life.

All of our choices for honeymoon destinations also double up as options for weddingmoons–opportunities for you to combine your wedding and your honeymoon at one fabulous destination. For further honeymoon and weddingmoon inspiration, take a peek at our Luxe Honeymoon Destinations board:

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