Take a mountain honeymoon in the lovely Quinta do Lorde hotel on the Portuguese island of Madeira | Confetti.co.uk

7 of the Best Mountain Honeymoon Ideas

With their lofty landscapes and picturesque vistas, a mountain honeymoon can be magical and filled with romance. Whether you prefer to head to a warm destination or bundle up against the cold on snow covered peaks, here are 7 of the best mountain honeymoon ideas.

Mountain honeymoon in Quinta do Lorde hotel on the Portuguese island of Madeira | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of Quinta do Lorde

Portuguese Mountain Honeymoon

Madeira sits on a small island just off the northwest coast of Morocco. The backbone of the island is the Central Mountain Range, providing stunning views of nature. With its temperate climate and island feel, Madeira possesses a romance of its own. Honeymooners are drawn to its rugged coastline to bask in the sun, but it is equally a prime spot for adventure activities in the mountains that overlook the region.


Tuscan Mountain Honeymoon

You’d be hard pressed to speak of romance and love and never mention Italy and one of its most romantic regions, Tuscany. It’s home to rolling hills, characterful villas and tourist hot spots such as Siena, Pisa and Florence. From beneath the Tuscan sun, stretches the Tuscan mountain range, with peaks from 934 metres to 1, 946 metres tall.

Rustic Italian villa mountain honeymoon at Casale de Pasquinelli | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of Casale de Pasquinelli

If you’re after a bit of Italian sun, we recommend the beautiful plain of Lucca, home to Casale de Pasquinelli, a charmingly rustic resort nestled in a grove of lofty oaks and olive trees which produces its own olive oil. A collection of villas boasting terra cotta floors and traditional Tuscan beamed ceilings, Casale de Pasquinelli is as romantic a honeymoon destination as you can expect to find. The backdrop of the rolling Tuscan hills is an inviting environment for al fresco breakfasts or for quiet strolls in the long afternoon sunshine.

Mountain Honeymoon Adventures

With its dizzying altitudes and craggy terrains, mountains are often breeding grounds for extreme sports. Whilst some of us take to the lofty climes for relaxation and romance, others of us prefer to get our adrenaline flowing and blood pumping doing a series of death-defying stunts. Whether it’s rock climbing or bouldering on the face of a mountain or cycling a specially-kitted BMX bike down a mountain’s slope, if you’re after an action-packed honeymoon adventure, our friends at Tinggly Experiences have plenty for you to choose from.

Mountain Biking Down the World’s Most Dangerous Road

Cycle down the world's most dangerous road on a mountain honeymoon in Bolivia | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of Tinggly Experiences

Camino de la Muerte, which translates literally as being Road of Death, is Bolivia’s answer to living life on the edge. You’ll be on the edge, quite literally, too. The road in question is a dirt and gravel track chock full of drops and razor sharp corners dangling 1000 metres above an Amazonian jungle. This definitely isn’t a trip for the faint hearted! This high-adventure honeymoon provided by Tinggly is all about the cycling, as after your 45 minute bus ride to the road’s highest point, you’ll take to two wheels and pedal your way back down!

Rock-Climbing in Ireland

Take in the stunning views of Ireland's West Coast on a mountain honeymoon rock climbing | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of Tinggly Experiences

Overlooking Clew Bay, Tinggly provides this Irish honeymoon option for adrenaline junkies unwilling to make a long-haul flight. Head north to Eire to scale a rockface on the west coast. Whilst the adventure isn’t as dramatic as a cycle down the world’s most dangerous road, you’ll still leave with your hair on end, sweaty palmed and full of adrenaline! Mountain honeymoons such as this one are perfect ways to connect with your new spouse as you prepare to embark on life’s greatest adventure.

 Mountain Bike in LA

A stone’s throw from  the gilded streets of Hollywood, California’s Santa Catalina Island provides scenic views of the glorious landscape California is renown for. Astride your bike, you’ll scale 18 miles of rugged terrain, heading toward what the locals have dubbed the Airport in the Sky, a lofty 1600 feet above sea level. Overlooking the sparkling Pacific Ocean, you’ll be one with the nature and your spouse as you share this memorable adventure.

Sandboarding in Nicaragua

Race down the face of an active volcano on this action-packed mountain honeymoon in Nicaragua | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of Tinggly Experiences

It’s snowboarding minus the snow. It’s land surfing down the face of an  active volcano in one of South America’s most lively countries. The Cerro Negro mountain is one of the many peaks in the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range and is where this action-packed honeymoon takes place. You’ll hike, you’ll surf and you’ll be energised as you race across actual volcanic sand. Fuelled by the thought that the Cerro Negro remains an active volcano (its most recent eruption was in 1999), you’ll race down the mountain at breakneck speed!

Snowshoeing in Denver

Just a thrilling, this tame mountain honeymoon in the Rockies offers a gentle snowshoe trek up to the peak. | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of Tinggly Experiences

Our final action-packed mountain honeymoon idea is one that ensures a slower pace but promises just as much adventure! You’ll trek up the snow-covered Rockies in Colorado; snowshoes strapped to your feet, taking in wintry vistas of evergreen trees and inhaling all of that fresh mountain air. Be sure to bundle against the chill and be prepared for encounters with native wildlife. Although this adventure moves at a slower pace, it definitely holds it own when it comes to getting that adrenaline pumping!

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