Vote For The Winner Of Thomson’s #YourBigDay Competition

The 3 lucky finalists of Your Big Day From Thomson Weddings have now been shortlisted, so it’s time for you to meet them and decide who’ll win this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…



It’s the prize every bride and groom-to-be has been talking about. A Thomson Weddings package at the Athena Beach Hotel in Paphos on 28th September, 8 guests to join in the celebrations, and an All Inclusive 2-week honeymoon in a private pool suite room.

Oh, and a little help from Thomson’s Facebook community to choose all the ‘I do’ details. We’re talking the colour and theme, the bride’s dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the stag and hen do’s, and the first dance song. A stress-free wedding without opening your wallet? No wonder this competition was so popular.

After reading a lot of reasons why couples should win their big day (we honestly loved them all) and eating a lot of chocolate HobNobs (we, erm, needed the energy), we finally decided on the final 3 couples. So now it’s over to you. Choose your favourite pair from the profiles below, then head over to Thomson’s Facebook page to cast your vote. Ladies and gents, meet our hopeful duos…

Natalie and Kriss

Natalie says… “Winning this competitionwould mean the world to us. We’re both ex-Army soldiers who met in Canada on exercise – it all started when Kriss bought me a hot chocolate. We got engaged on a hot, dusty and emotional tour of Iraq, where we sadly lost a few friends along the way. During our time in the Army we never had the time to get married, and since leaving we haven’t been able to afford to, despite trying to save up.

We have 2 beautiful boys and would love to make our little family official. Kriss has signed back up to join the Army to provide some security for us, and we’d like to head back to Germany together – we were based over there and we really miss our friends – but I can only follow him there if we’re married.
We’ve always dreamed of a wedding abroad by the beach, as I had to move from Cornwall, where I’m from, to Kriss’ hometown of Derby – far away from the seaside. It really would be our perfect wedding.”

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Hayley and Tom

Hayley says… “The question is, how much wedding planning can be done with crayons? Because that’s the reality in our house.

They say most women plan every detail of their dream wedding when they’re little, ready for their Prince Charming to come along and pop the question. I was never that girl. Growing up in a single-parent household, fairytale wedding didn’t seem the norm. But now I’ve met my Prince Charming – after dating a few frogs – and realised I’ve met someone I love so much that I struggle to put into words how much I look forward to us being that old couple sitting at the seaside, sharing an ice-cream.

Five years after meeting Tom, and 2 gorgeous boys – aged 3 months and 3 years – later, finally our family is complete. For us, having our boys was the biggest commitment we could make to each other, but getting married would be the icing on the cake.

Planning a wedding with a toddler and a newborn has been a headache, to say the least, so it would be amazing to have the planning taken off our hands. My moodboard has been filled with playgroup paintings, and our eldest loves drawing faces on walls, so pens are hard to come by in our house. If the stress was taken out of our special day, I could focus my attention on the most important part – our boys, and saying my vows to the man I love.”

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Kayleigh and Tristan

Kayleigh says… “Tristan and I are best friends. We’re soul mates (without meaning to get too soppy about it!). Together for 6 years and engaged for 3, we’re that couple you’d probably hate. Friends say Tristan is the male version of me, and when we tell people we’ve never had an argument they look at us like we’re aliens (of course, planning a wedding might well change that… or maybe it’ll just never get planned, as we’re far too laid back!).
Winning a wedding would be amazing, and having close family with us would be fantastic, although with 8 spaces we might have to leave the mother-in-law behind…(that’s a joke of course – I’m lucky that she’s lovely!).
I think one of the reasons we work so well as a couple is our strange sense of humour. We’re considered, according to friends, as kind and compassionate people, and we love to make others smile. Giving our family a ticket to our wedding would certainly do that – it would be a dream come true. A perfect day with our loved ones, not to mention logistical heaven!
And if I haven’t quite won you over yet, there’s also the fact that the only thing I’ve ever won is a cress-growing set. Tristan’s slightly luckier of course, because he won me…(the poor man could really do with a holiday!).”

KT logoClick on the couples’ names to find out more about each pair on the Thomson blog, then don’t forget to visit Thomson’s Facebook page to cast your vote.

You’ve got ‘til Sunday 1st June to make your mind up!

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