Getting married in Austria

Spectacular snow‐capped mountains or low‐key pastoral landscapes with gently rolling hills ‐‐ the choice is yours…

Why get married in Austria?

Austria is a paradise for people who enjoy the outdoors, and is ideal for all types of skiing. Winter activities also include ice skating, curling, tobogganing and rides in horse‐drawn sleighs. In the summer you can enjoy walks, hikes, horseback rides and mountain biking. If you’re looking for an action‐packed honeymoon, Austria could well be the place for you.


One of the most densely forested and mountainous countries in Europe, Austria lies at the end of the Alps, which curve across the country. Lush valleys flank the river courses, the most famous of which is the Danube, Europe’s longest river.

What kind of wedding ceremony can I have in Austria?

Austrian law recognises only civil marriages; however, a religious ceremony may be performed after a civil marriage has been solemnised. Civil marriages are performed by officials of the Vital Statistics Office in the appropriate jurisdiction.

It is sometimes possible to arrange to have your civil ceremony somewhere other than in the Register Office, such as on a mountainside, but this is down to the individual Registrar, so if you have a particular preference for the location you must ask in advance.

Is it wedding weather?

Max. temp. (°F)*343746596673777568394537
Sunshine hours*234688987421
Rainfall (inches)*
*Average daily max temp (°F)
*Average daily sunshine hours
*Average monthly rainfall (inches)

What’s the flight time?

2 hours

What’s the time difference?

GMT +1

Do I need a visa to enter the country?


What’s the wedding paperwork?

  • Residency There is no minimum residency requirement.
  • Proof of ID Your original birth certificates and passports must be produced.
  • Proof of status A Certificate of No Impediment must be obtained from your local Register Office not more than six months before your wedding date .
  • Divorced If either of you is divorced, you must produce your decree absolute.
  • Widowed If either of you has been widowed, you must produce the death certificate of your deceased spouse.
  • Age restrictions The minimum age to marry without parental consent is 19 years old. If you are younger then you must produce evidence of parental consent in the form of a sworn affidavit.
  • Name change If your name has been changed by Deed Poll you must provide legal proof, stamped and signed by a solicitor. This also applies if you are a divorced woman who has reverted back to your maiden name.

How do I obtain a marriage licence?

You should apply for your marriage licence at the Standesamt (Vital Statistics Office) of the first district of Vienna (for address, see Where can I find further information?). You must both attend, taking all necessary documents with you. Originals or certified copies of documents must be sent to the Register Office where the marriage is to take place at least 6‐8 weeks prior to your intended date of marriage. Any affidavits and your Certificate of No Impediment must be translated into German first.

Where can I find further information?

Austrian Embassy
18 Belgrave Mews West
Tel: 020‐7235 3731

Austrian National Tourist Office
14 Cork Street
Tel: 0845 1011818

Standesamt Wein Innere Stadt‐Mariahilf
Schlesingerplatz 3‐6
1080 Vienna
Tel: 0043 ‐1‐ 40134 08583


confetti makes reasonable efforts to obtain data from reliable sources and to keep the contents reasonably accurate. However, specifications and requirements may change and confetti cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the content or information. We strongly advise you to consult other sources of information including the embassies or consulates of the countries in question or local lawyers.

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