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Happy Honeymooning!

It’s meant to be the trip of a lifetime, to visit places you’ve always wanted to see. Here’s a brief guide to who pays, how to plan it and when not to book a surprise honeymoon.

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Holiday of a lifetime

Although traditionally, the groom would plan the honeymoon, most couples now simply share costs. Some romantic grooms like to organise a ‘surprise’ honeymoon for their new wife which can be wonderful. Do just bear in mind that surprises can backfire, so before you plan an extreme sports holiday, check she wasn’t expecting two weeks sunbathing on a deserted island.


If you do plan a surprise trip for your wife‐to‐be, make sure you have a good idea of her expectations and plan things you’ll both enjoy doing. You’ll also need to advise her on what clothes to pack (whether it’s beach or city for instance) and make sure you both have all the necessary documentation such as visa, driver’s licence and any vaccinations if needed. Book activities or just relaxation time that you know you will both enjoy.

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Joint effort

However, for many couples, sitting down together to plan the trip of a lifetime is one of the most exciting parts of the pre‐wedding experience and the one wedding activity they can safely do without family interference. So it’s a lovely project to research and plan together.

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The main thing to keep in mind is you book something you both want to do. Make sure that neither of you is simply agreeing to two weeks on a beach to keep the other happy, even though you’ve always hated beach holidays.

Remember, too, that you don’t have to follow other people’s preconceptions about honeymoons. ‘Whatever makes you happy’ is truly the key. So if playing Scrabble together is what you really enjoy, don’t worry that it isn’t romantic enough ‐ just do it.

For more honeymoon information and ideas please visit our Honeymoons section. Happy Honeymooning!

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