Happy Honeymoons For Two

Safari, sun and sand or seeing the sights? Now’s the time to decide what you want to do. For really happy honeymoons it’s important to pick something that will suit you both. Think through the options together – do you want:

Happy Honeymoons for Two


‘A quiet, relaxing time together – anywhere would do’

If all you’re really after is time together and the stress of long-haul flights isn’t your scene, then a cottage in the UK may serve you just as well as an expensive all-inclusive Far Eastern beach holiday.

‘A little bit of luxury and privacy’

For something glamorous, saving on travel in favour of a top-class location may be the best bet. One couple saved money by taking the train to France — where they stayed in a succession of luxurious chateaux and hotels.

‘A taste of adventure’

Perhaps you’ve both always wanted to do something a little bit different and adventurous. Whether it’s an African safari, white-water rafting, snorkelling and diving or trekking, make sure you book through a reputable company and that any dangerous stuff is properly supervised. Make sure, too, that you both have the same idea of what you’re letting yourself in for. Your honeymoon is not the time to try somewhere unusual that you’re not sure you’re going to like. Any holiday disaster is disappointing — on your honeymoon, it’s heartbreaking.

‘To see the sights’

Maybe your idea of romance is sitting together in a cafe in St Mark’s Square in Venice, or wandering through the ancient temples of Luxor. Make sure you do your research – there’s nothing worse than getting home and finding that the museum/gallery you’ve always meant to visit was just around the corner from your hotel.

‘Sun, sea and sand’

Walking hand-in-hand through the surf on a white sandy beach is surely the definitive honeymoon scene. Just be sure – especially if you are active types – that you really do both want to be lazing around for all that time. Consider combining a tropical beach with a week of culture or activity.


An activity element — walking, scuba diving, skiing or cycling – can be perfect if you both love the activity involved. After all the stress of the wedding some decent exercise can be invigorating and restorative. The key is to avoid thrusting your favourite activity on your less enthusiastic new spouse.

Best of both worlds

Use the Internet to get ideas and build your ideal package. Just make sure you’re both happy with the outcome. Don’t be afraid to build in some separate activities too – there’s no reason why one of you can’t scuba dive while the other sunbathes.The most popular choice these days is a dual centre break, combining a week of beach-based relaxation with a more active or city-based week.

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