Honeymoon in Mauritius

This paradise island just 855 kilometres off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean is the perfect location for your wedding abroad or idyllic honeymoon.

With a unique blend of French, Indian, Chinese and Creole cultures, you are guaranteed to find an experience to suit you. The island boasts not only world‐class luxury resorts and fine‐dining restaurants, but also breathtaking natural scenery, powdery beaches, extinct volcanoes and coral reefs perfect for snorkelling.


Things to do whilst you’re there:

Black River Gorges National Park

Take a trek across Mauritius’ only national park, home to over 300 species of flowering plants and 9 species of birds unique to the island, you may even glimpse the famous pink pigeon! Whilst you could drive or take a bus through the park, the best way to see it is on foot. Make sure you check the route with the information centres before setting off.

Casela Nature and Leisure Park

This 10 hectare park is home to over 1,500 species of bird as well as giant tortoises, monkeys, lions and tigers. Enjoy quad biking, photo safaris or the unique experience of walking with lions. Open between 9am‐5pm May to September and 9am‐6pm October to April.

Chamarel Falls

The 100m‐high falls are one of the main tourist attractions on the island. Climb up to its famous viewing platform surrounded by cacti, where you’ll find the engraved names of other lovers who have visited. The volcanic rocks formations surrounding the falls are an attraction in themselves, known as the coloured earths, these swirling patterned rock beds are fascinating evidence of the power of nature.

Poste de Flacq Temple

This Hindu temple is situated on its own island off the west coast and linked to the mainland by a causeway. Painted brilliant white, it is surrounded by turquoise sea, and a picture of heavenly calm.

Grand Baie

This cosmopolitan town is perfect if you’re starting to tire of the beach life. With a selection of great restaurants such as La Langouste Grisée (winner of La Fourchette d’Or in 2005 and regarded as one of the best restaurants on the island.) Grand Baie is also the main departure point for cruises to the northern islands.

Places to stay:

Beachcomber has eight very different hotels on the island, each with their own unique style and character.

Marrying in Mauritius:

What paperwork do I need?

  • Residency For a civil wedding you must be resident in Mauritius for 24 hours before the ceremony.
  • Proof of ID Original birth certificates and a valid passport with three free pages are required.
  • Divorced If either of you is divorced you’ll need to produce your Decree Absolute.
  • Widowed If you are widowed your deceased spouse’s death certificate and your previous marriage certificate must be produced.
  • Age restrictions If either of you is under 18, you’ll need to produce evidence of parental consent in the form of an Affidavit, stamped by a notary.
  • Name change If you have legally changed your name by Deed Poll, you’ll need to provide legal proof, stamped and signed by a solicitor. This also applies if a married woman has reverted back to her maiden name.

How do I obtain a marriage licence?

If you are holding a civil ceremony, at least 10 days before the wedding you must obtain a certificate stating that you are not a resident from the Registrar of Marriages (see Where can I find further information?). This must be accompanied by copies of the documents outlined in What’s the wedding paperwork?

If you have chosen to have a religious wedding, your original documents will be required six weeks before ‐‐ eight weeks before if you are of different religions ‐‐ as the case must go to the local Bishop.

At‐a‐glance facts:

Flight time: 12 hours
Time difference: GMT+4
Visa requirements: Not required


Max temp (°F)*868484827976757577808385
Sunshine hours*877877888898
Rainfall (inches)*888543221225

*Average daily max temp (°F)
*Average daily sunshine hours
*Average monthly rainfall (inches)

Where can I find further information?

Registrar of Births, Death and Marriages
7th Floor
Emmanual Anguetil Building
Tel: 00 230 211 2420

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority
32 Elvaston Place
London SW7 5NW
Tel.:(+44 207) 584 36 66
Fax :(+44 0207) 225 11 35

Mauritius Embassy
32/33 Elvaston Place
Tel: 020 7581 0294‐8
Fax: 020 7823 8437

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