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Honeymoons in Thailand: The Land of Smiles

Thailand is often referred to as the ‘Land of Smiles’ because of the welcoming nature of its people. And you can be certain that if you take a honeymoon in Thailand, you’ll be smiling all the way as well. The landscapes are varied and unimaginably beautiful, especially in the coastal resorts which are a hotspot for many honeymoons in Thailand. The food is delicious, and there is such a wealth of attractions whatever your interests – from hill-trekking, meditation retreats and museums to trendy bars and clubs, cookery courses, and so much more.

Honeymoon in Thailand by Tinggly | Confetti.co.uk

Most Thailand honeymoons will understandably feature a lot of beach time – the delightfully warm waters off the coast teem with colourful marine life, the views are absolutely gorgeous, restaurants serve mouthwatering fresh seafood, and there is a myriad of boat cruises you can take to explore hidden bays, deserted islands and mysterious caves.


Phuket and Koh Samui are the big names, popular with yoga-fans, partygoers and sunseekers, but there is also a host of other, lesser-known islands worth checking out too, with regular boat services between them. You’ll find a stunning range of accommodation in Thailand to choose from, including rustic beach huts, glamorous hotels for those iconic honeymoon experiences, and locally-owned guesthouses where you’ll get an authentic vibe and can save money for exploring and eating out.

Many honeymooners decide to spend a couple of days in Bangkok before connecting with flights to the islands. There are many fantastic cultural attractions to discover in one of the hubs of southeast Asia, and it’s definitely worth making time in your itinerary.

If you’re planning a honeymoon in Thailand, Tinggly has a selection of fun experiences, romantic, relaxing and adventurous, that you can try out, whenever you can tear yourselves away from the beach that is!

Boat and Bike Tour of Bangkok

Honeymoon in Thailand by Tinggly | Confetti.co.uk

Boat & Bike Tour of Bangkok

Bangkok is sometimes known as the ‘Venice of the East’ and while we wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s quite that beautiful, certainly river tours here are a great way to get see key landmarks, and get a feel for the vibrant riverside culture. We love this guided tour because it combines some fun cycling, through the bustling Chinatown district and the greenbelt area outside the city, with a traditional longboat ride which is one of Bangkok’s must-dos, to see homes built on stilts and fishermen casting their nets.

Scuba Diving in Phuket

Scuba diving Honeymoon in Thailand by Tinggly | Confetti.co.uk

Scuba Diving in Phuket

Phuket is one of the world’s best places to learn how to scuba dive – thousands of people come here every year to do just that. We like this Phuket diving experience because firstly your instructors are fully PADI-qualified so you have that peace of mind, and secondly the dive site is known for its visibility, weak currents, and the amount of marine life there. You might encounter stingrays, octopi, seahorses, turtles and even the occasional shark! This dive is the first step in getting full accreditation so it’s perfect for beginners, and it’s also available all year-round.

Overnight Boat Trip in Phi Phi Islands

Overnight boat trip to Phi Phi islands by Tinggly | Confetti.co.uk

Overnight boat trip in Phi Phi islands

Exploring the stunning Phi Phi islands, and visiting the area made famous in the Leonardo Di Caprio movie ‘The Beach,’ is another must-do for many honeymoon itineraries in Thailand. Now it is true that because this place is so, so popular that it gets very busy, but what makes this experience really stand out as far as we’re concerned is because it’s one of the few tours that involve an overnight stay on the boat itself. So after a day of sightseeing, including to the spectacular Viking Caves, you have a BBQ feast prepared for you on the beach by the crew, and then you can even try swimming in the moonlight, which is just so romantic. Then breakfast on the boat before more touring on the way back. An ideal Thailand experience for honeymooners.

Spa Experience in Ko Samui

Spa experience in Ko Samui by Tinggly | Confetti.co.uk

Spa experience on Koh Samui

Thai massages are world-famous, and in our opinion this is one of the best you could hope to get. The spa perches on a clifftop overlooking the Gulf of Thailand so the views are picture-perfect. As you walk in, the tranquil ambience overtakes you, with palm trees swaying gently in the breeze and the harmonious tinkling of waterfalls in the distance. This Koh Samui spa package includes an exfoliating herbal steam, along with a massage from a trained therapist, finishing with a choice of either a foot or face massage. You’ll emerge feeling cleansed, reinvigorated and totally relaxed.

Boat Trip to James Bond Island

Boat trip to James Bond Island by Tinggly | Confetti.co.uk

Boat trip to James Bond Island

Okay it’s true that unless you’re familiar with the James Bond movie from the 70s, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun,’ then you’re probably not going to realise the significance of this massive outcrop of rock in Phang Nga Bay (it was the bad guy’s hideout) but getting up close is truly mindblowing. The gigantic limestone island is the centrepiece of the bay, which has more than 100 different islands in it, and it is a truly dramatic sight. The tour also features several stops, including ‘Monkey Cave’ to see the famous reclining Buddha statue, a floating village where you can have lunch, Thalu Island and a chance to swim under a waterfall. A fab day out with lots of essential sightseeing.

Thailand is one of the iconic honeymoon destinations – the memories you’ll make there will stay with you forever. Plus you’ll return to work with a golden tan and a totally laidback attitude.

Explore many more honeymoon ideas in Thailand with the Tinggly experience portfolio and enjoy your time in the ’Land of Smiles.’

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