How to have a healthy honeymoon

Make sure you have any necessary vaccinatons, take a bag of essential medical items and always follow guidelines on local restrictions such as whether or not to drink tap water.

The last thing you want on your honeymoon is to be laid low by a dodgy tummy, or to spend a fortnight scratching at mosquito bites. With a few precautions and a little common sense, here’s how to stay healthy and make this your holiday of a lifetime.


They might not be the most enjoyable aspect of planning a holiday but, depending on where you’re travelling, vaccinations are a must and a lot more pleasant than whatever they’re preventing. Your doctor will ensure you have all the necessary injections. Be sure to have them at least two weeks in advance to allow the drugs to have their full effect, and to give any allergic reactions time to be dealt with before you set off.

Those concerned about having injections can investigate homoeopathic alternatives. Homoeopathic pharmacies such as Ainsworths will supply you with the vaccinations in a highly dilute form, to be taken internally. There have been no clinical trials done on this method at present, but anecdotal evidence from those who have used them successfully throughout the world seems promising.

Sunstroke and sunburn

Lazing on a beach is wonderful, but not so great if you manage to give yourself sunstroke or sunburn ‐ both guaranteed to ruin a good evening or two of your honeymoon.

When it comes to sunbathing, wear high factor cream and stay out of the midday sun. You’ll still get a healthy tan if you sit in the shade, and it will last longer when you get home. There’s really no need to damage your skin, and it’s something you’ll regret later in life when the wrinkles start appearing. If you do burn at all, sooth your skin with Aloe Vera gel and cover it up when you’re next outside.

As well as avoiding too much hot sun, keep yourself well hydrated and wear a wide‐brimmed hat and good quality sunglasses.

Holiday tummy

Getting a ‘dodgy tummy’ is never fun on holiday and something you really want to avoid on your honeymoon. It’s wise to drink bottled water even if you’re advised that the local water is suitable for drinking, and always make sure that the bottle has a sealed cap. All fruit and vegetables should be washed, and foods cooked thoroughly and served piping hot (if you’re offered a luke‐warm buffet that looks like it’s been sitting around for a while, go elsewhere!).

If you are in an area where the the local water may be contaminated, watch out for ice cubes and washed salads. Try to stick to fruit which you peel and remember always to wash you hands.

As a preventative, try taking Acidophilus and Bifidus capsules for two weeks prior to your holiday and during. This will strengthen and combat negative bacteria in the gut.

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Now that the wedding day is over, your honeymoon is a time to unwind, put the stress of the big day behind you, and enjoy each other’s company. Do whatever makes you feel relaxed, whether it’s exploring, sporting activities, reading or just watching the day go by. Don’t feel pressured into organising your break in accordance with other people’s expectations of what a honeymoon should be. This is your time.

To offset the strain of travelling, jet lag and general wedding stress, try listening to some soft relaxing music while soaking in an aromatherapy bath. Add 4‐8 drops of Neroli, Juniper Berry, and Clary Sage essential oils (available from chemists and healthfood shops) to help reduce stress and relax the muscles. Finally, let your partner massage the tensions away with a sensual mix of Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Rose.

Honeymoon babies

Unless you’re planning a honeymoon pregnancy, you might want to pack some extra ‘precautions. If you’re on the Pill, make sure you pack enough for the whole holiday (in your hand luggage, in case the cases go missing). Remember that the Pill may not work if you fall sick or have diarrhoea. And if you use condoms, take plenty with you. In certain exotic locations they may not be readily available, or meet European standards.

Healthy honeymoon checklist:

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes for day wear.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and a wide‐brimmed hat.
  • Ensure you have adequate health insurance, plus insurance to cover any sporting activities you plan to do
  • First aid kit including insect repellent, arnica cream (good for bruising), paracetemol, plasters, any medication you’re taking (along with instructions/medical history).

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