Horse riding couple on Honeymoon in Greece by Tinggly |

How to Make a Honeymoon in Greece Truly Special

What would make your perfect honeymoon? Plenty of romance of course, but perhaps also a splash of culture, some adventure, or maybe just plenty of taking it nice and easy on gorgeous sandy beaches. If you book a honeymoon in Greece, you can have it all.

Honeymooning couple on wine roads of Santorini by Tinggly |
Honeymooning couple on wine roads of Santorini by Tinggly

Honeymoon in Greece

There are over 200 inhabited Greek islands, from the well-known such as Corfu, Lesbos, Kos, Kefalonia, Rhodes and Crete, to tiny little islets with very little on them but a few whitewashed houses and wandering goats. Many honeymooning couples will arrive into Athens, sometimes spending a few days there exploring its historic treasures, before doing some island-hopping. Regular ferry services operate from Athens between groups of islands, making it easy and inexpensive to get from place to place, and there is a wealth of fab accommodation options available from stylish boutique resorts, to traditional authentic cottages where you might have fresh eggs, milk and honey delivered by the local farmer every morning.


Naturally, the first few days of your Greece honeymoon are going to be spent unwinding after the wedding, enjoying spending time just as a couple, and perhaps getting to know the local area. But if you want to discover what really makes Greece and its beautiful islands tick, then we recommend a few of these special gift experiences from the Tinggly collection…

Explore Wine Country in Santorini

Wine roads of Santorini Greece |
Explore wine country in Santorini

The reason that the island of Santorini has such fertile soil, perfect for vine-growing, is that it was formed by volcanic eruption in 1600BC. If you’re wine-lovers, or just want to explore the divine scenery for a day with a few interesting stops along the way, then join this fun wine-tasting tour. You’ll visit vineyards that have been operating for centuries, taste a succession of characterful wines, and have them matched by a selection of delicious fresh Greek cheeses.

A Unique Hotel Stay in Crete

Ancient hotel in Greece by Tinggly |
A unique hotel stay in Crete

One of the most unique hotels on Crete, Aspros Potamos dates back some three centuries. Atmospheric stone cottages, powered by renewable energy and stripped to the (comfortable) basics, the hotel offers a different aesthetic to most accommodations, very tranquil and restful. In the daytime you can roam deep gorges, sandy beaches and tiny villages, while at night the starlit skies are simply breathtaking.

Scuba diving off Santorini

Scuba diving couple on Honeymoon in Greece by Tinggly |
Scuba diving off Santorini

The mineral-rich waters off Santorini support a magnificent array of marine life, from colourful coral to shy octopi. There are a number of excellent dive sites here that are well-regarded by professional divers. This Greece gift experience is made for beginners however, with a trial drive accompanied by a professional instructor, followed by a guided dive down to either a sunken city or a wrecked ship. All equipment is provided, and if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to scuba dive, there’s no better time than on your honeymoon.

Mouthwatering Foodie Tour in Athens

Honeymoon in Greece by Tinggly |
Mouthwatering Foodie Tour in Athens

Greek people tend to enjoy a long life expectancy, and many experts think that’s partly because of their healthy Mediterranean diet. The cuisine here may be good for you, but it’s certainly not rabbit food either. Take a seriously tempting walk around a local market and several speciality shops with a guide, enjoying regular tastings of cheeses, wine, nuts, dates and figs. Find out where the locals shop, which stalls sell the best produce, and experience an authentic slice of Athens life.

Horse-Riding in Ioannina

Horse riding couple on Honeymoon in Greece by Tinggly |
Horse-riding and hotel stay in Ioannina

Ioannina, in the mountainous north of Greece, is an area rich in history, a cradle of ancient civilization. Here you’ll enjoy an overnight stay in one of the mainland’s most prestigious luxury resorts, with a champagne reception on arrival, a pampering spa treatment, a four-course banquet from a world-class chef, and even a horse-riding lesson in the beautiful surrounding countryside. Subject to availability, this Greece experience gift will even allow you to upgrade to an Executive Room for no extra charge!

There is a wealth of amazing experiences to try in Greece and you’ll find many more in the Tinggly portfolio. One thing is for sure – whether you’re staying on the mainland, or heading out to the islands, you’re bound to find all the ingredients for how to make your honeymoon in Greece truly special.

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