rachael and adam

Rachael and Adam

a diving holiday in Grand Cayman

holiday photos slide show

Who booked your honeymoon?

I booked it.


How long after your wedding did you leave for your honeymoon?

We wed on Saturday 19th May 2007 and our flight went our on Tuesday 22nd May 2007.

Where did you go?

Spanish Bay Reef Resort in Grand Cayman (Caribbean).

How long were you away?

Two weeks.

How much did it cost and what sort of holiday was it (e.g. package, all-inclusive etc)?

The total cost of the package was £3400. This included BA flights, transfers and all inclusive and also all inclusive shore diving!

Did you spend the entire holiday in one place or did you travel around?

We were based in the one hotel, however, we hired a car for two days and travelled around the Island – as it is a British colony island, even I could drive!

What did you do?

The main reason for going to Grand Cayman, is because is it meant to be one of the best places to dive in the world! So whilst we were over there we did over 20 dives. Our resort had a dive centre and our package included free diving from the shore, we also went on three days worth of boat diving! The island is surrounded by a 6000ft drop, so a lot of the diving included diving down to 30mtrs where the shelf drops off and diving through holes and all sorts – we saw turtles, sharks, stingrays, spotted eagle ray and hundreds of fish! Apart from the diving we drove around the island for two days – taking our fishing rod and did some beach fishing! We went to rum point, a natural beauty spot. Saw the blowholes. We also went into the main George Town to see the cruise ships come in! We took the free pedal cycles and went down to ‘hell’ some rock formations that look creepy!

What was a typical day like?

Up at 7am, breakfast, a dive or two in the morning then chill out in the afternoon on the beach. Evening consisted of either a fabulous buffet style meal, or going out into George Town or Severn mile beach for a meal -very pricey though!

How did you and your partner get on?

Fabulous – we love going on holidays together – it was actually only our second holioday together on our own. All previous holidays we have always gone with friends or family! We get on like a dream, so it was a really relaxing and special two weeks.

What were the best bits?

Diving – of course! We did go to church one Sunday night with one of the locals – so watching their service was actually a wonderful cultural experience!

Were there any worst bits?

Rain – the locals said the weather was really unusual – we had 4 days where it rained non-stop all day (luckily we get wet diving, so it didn’t matter too much!)

What advice would you give other honeymooners-to-be?

Research into where you want to go – and make sure you search around for prices – the big places won’t always give you the best deal!


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