Real Honeymoon – Romance in Tobago

This month’s Real Honeymoon spotlight is on Tobago – a quintessential Caribbean island with secluded white beaches, coral reefs and quaint villages. Confetti’s newlywed Buying Manager, Louisa Aldis, shares her honeymoon memories and offers some first hand advice on how to make the most of your dream holiday.


So many holidays to chose from. How did you decide where to go?

We wanted somewhere different and a little special, where we would never go on a usual holiday. We love trying local food and eating in local restaurants whilst on holiday, so all inclusive wasn’t for us. We considered the Maldives but didn’t want to be one among many honeymooners and felt we would tire of eating in the set restaurants. We didn’t want to pay extortionate amounts on an a la carte meal and with it being the rainy season felt there would be little to do there if it rained. We liked the idea of the Caribbean, but with it being hurricane season we wanted to avoid islands in the hurricane belt, so we decided on Tobago which is just south of the hurricane belt. A little Carribean island in our own penthouse apartment, where it was safe to immerse ourselves into local culture.

Did you set off in style as soon as the wedding finished?

We set off for Gatwick 2 days after the wedding and flew on the following day.

How were you feeling and what were your expectations?

A little sad to be leaving all the wedding chatter and gossip behind, but excited and looking forward to our luxurious and different honeymoon!

First impressions of your destination?

Wow, absolutely spectacular view and very hot! Our apartment complete with hammock overlooked the local bay, and we awoke on our first morning at 6am with the sounds of local life – cockerills crowing, dogs barking and a morning chorus from the many species of local birds and we sat and watched the local fisherman cast their nets and bring in the days catch – spectacular!

Adventure or romance, cultural or active: how would you describe your honeymoon-style? 

A bit of all 3 I guess. We immersed ourselves in the local town, visited the 2 local bars, ate in the local restaurants – where you would often be the only couple at night eating in the village- the village was that small, but we hired a car for 5 days and explored Tobago (which can easily be driven around in 1 day), visited other remote beaches, had one of the local ladies cook for us – a service that was offered, went liming at Sunday School in Buccoo, snorkelled, went on a fishing day trip with other guests in apartments, regularly fell asleep in the hammock..

Your favourite memory? 

Mornings and evenings sat in the hammock watching the sunset or rise, reading and drinking rum punch!

What was the highlight of the trip?

Probably the view from our apartment, and spending time together unwinding looking out on the view after being so busy with the wedding planning.

Was it wedded bliss?

Yes, a chance to unwind together and relax after the stress of the run up to the wedding.

Was your honeymoon value for money?

Yes, we organised it ourselves so cutting out travel agents.

Any advice for other brides-to-be planning their honeymoon?

Think what you want from your honeymoon, do you mind being surrounded by lots of other honeymooners or would you rather be alone? Are you happy to be all inclusive and stay on site, or would you like to see the local surroundings. Think about the season – is it rainy season or hurricane season, are there things to do if it rains?

What we loved… 

View from our balcony of the fishermen at 6am local town, our apartment, birds on our balcony, sunset from our apartment, dawn view.

Would you change anything about your honeymoon if you could do it all again?

We would spend a week in a different resort in the island, somewhere nearer to the capital. We would then have the relaxation of the small local fishing village we stayed in and a slightly livelier second week.

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