Honeymoon bound, bride and groom make their getaway on the Amalfi Coast, Italy | Confetti.co.uk

Settling into Life After Your Honeymoon

After the frenzy of a wedding and reception comes the calm of a honeymoon, the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your new spouse and rediscover one another. We know that after all that time loved up under blue skies, relaxing with no responsibility, it can be hard to settle into a normal routine again. We’ve combined our favourite expert tips to help you settle into life after your honeymoon.

Honeymoon bound, bride and groom make their getaway on the Amalfi Coast, Italy | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of La Calla Weddings & Events Amalfi Coast, Italy

Post travel depression, or PTD, is a clinical issue characterised by difficulty easing back into everyday routine following a holiday or honeymoon. PTD symptoms include tiredness or restlessness, appetite changes (either a loss of or an increase in), sadness, tears and feeling blue and an inability to do your usual tasks. Feeling deflated following a honeymoon is normal and as a recent study revealed, it can take up to 9 days to get over post-holiday blues.


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Get your mojo back and tame the honeymoon hump with these easy tips:

Look Ahead

Having something to look forward to is an easy distraction that can help you get over the post-honeymoon blues. Whether it is a holiday or some other activity, planning exciting things for the year to come will help you feel more positive. If you are planning to go on another holiday in the next year or two, consider creating a savings jar for collecting loose change to help fund your holiday.

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If another expensive holiday exceeds your budget, then consider implementing small treats that you can look forward to. They can be anything that suits you and your partner, from starting each day with a brisk walk or an invigorating swim to joining a wine-of-the-month club or taking cookery classes. No matter what you decide, the key is making plans and giving yourself something to look forward to.

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Incorporate the Honeymoon into your Home Life

One of the things that makes the honeymoon such a magical experience is the time you have to experience other cultures and other ways of life. From trying new foods to new methods of entertainment, the honeymoon is often the stage for exploration. When you’ve returned to the familiarity of home life, it can be daunting to suddenly be surrounded by the usual. Many newlyweds report a feeling of “sameness” and monotony when settling back into a routine. If this is an issue for you, we advise you shake things up. Work in ways to experience other cultures in your everyday life, whether it be through exploring new cuisines or taking up new hobbies.

Scenic views and breathtaking settings combine to make the honeymoon a memorable and magical experience | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of La Calla Weddings & Events, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Plan a Return Trip

Returning to the honeymoon destination on holiday is a great way for couples to reconnect and relive the honeymoon phase of their marriage. Whether you book your return for your one-year anniversary or further down the road, you’ll head back to a place where you’ve created fond memories. Similar to the suggestions we’ve given above, in having something to look forward to, organising and planning a return trip is an event you can mark on your calendar, count down the days and prepare for new experiences, rekindle romance and have alone time with your spouse, free from interruptions.

Plan Your Return Before You Depart

This might seem like a weird one, but an easy way to settle back into a routine following your honeymoon is to make preparations for your return before you go away. A few top tips for ease settling into your routine upon your return are to:

  • arrange for your wedding gifts to be delivered a week or so after you’ve returned, so you don’t have a mountain of gifts to plow through along with a mountain of laundry
  • arrange for a grocery delivery for the day you return or the following day; avoiding queues and crowded supermarkets is always for the best
  • ensure that all clothes and towels are laundered and put away before you go so that you return to an uncluttered flat or house
  • change the linens and duvet cover on your bed before you go, so that if you return late you can dive straight into fresh sheets
  • clean the bathroom and kitchen, remembering to empty any bins of rubbish and fridge of food that is due to go off during your honeymoon

PTD is a recognised form of depression and if you or your partner feel that you aren’t coping with your return to normal life, seek medical attention immediately. Never underestimate the power of an illness such as PTD and be willing to seek help if necessary.

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