Top 10 Best Honeymoon Locations 2014 (part two)

Confetti has hand-picked the most popular 2014 honeymoon destinations for your perusal. In part one we explored the exciting destinations of France, Italy, Greece and Iceland. Here we go further afield for honeymoon idyls and summer sun.

Newlyweds on their honeymoon camping


5. Caribbean

Whether it’s the musical paradise of Jamaica, the island oasis of St Lucia, or sailing among the scattered islands of the Lesser Antilles, the Caribbean is famed as a honeymoon destination. The sun and idyllic beaches comes gratis, for everything else, there are all inclusive packages available in five and six star destinations. Delight in the delicious seafood and fresh fruit. Sunbathe on the white sands and maybe work your way through a novel or three. Or take moonlit midnight swims together in the warm clear waters. This is how you begin the rest of your life.

6. United States

Imagine an entire continent to explore. From New York, New York to the Golden Gate bridge, from Jellystone park to the Lone star state, from the badlands of Idaho to the Mississippi delta, from the Windy City to Florida’s Everglades. If you’re drawing a blank as far as honeymoon ideas go, the good ol’ US of A has everything a newly wed couple could want, and what’s more, you already speak the lingo.

7. Thailand

South East Asia makes an exciting destination for the more adventurous couple. Thailand in particular represents the best the region has to offer. The flights are reasonable, the food is great, it’s easy to get around, and despite recent political ferment its always been safe for western travellers and tourists. If you see you and your husband/wife riding elephants, going on jungle treks, sailing between island paradises, streaming through chaotic streets in the back of a tuktuk or visiting ancient Buddhist shrines then this is the holiday for you. If you simply want to lie on the beach, get a massage and be pampered, then Thailand has all the inclusive holidays and top class service you’d expect from a premier destination.

8. New Zealand

Ok, so it’s a long, long way to go to celebrate a wedding, but a trip to New Zealand is the event of a lifetime, just as getting married is. Whether it’s the sweeping topography – from majestic snow capped mountains to wooded glens, winding rivers to grass carpeted steppes –  the cultural artifacts of the Maori or an active honeymoon of mountain biking, water skiing, scuba diving or hiking,  New Zealand has something for everyone.

9.  Japan

Delight in the ancient capital of Kyoto, renowned for its shrines, palaces, its gardens, museums and Buddhist temples. Have lunch or dinner at the very best restaurants: Tokyo and Kyoto have more Michelin star restaurants than Paris and London. Or you could watch the cherry blossoms (sakura) fall in spring,and have a drink in a sky bar overlooking a brightly lit metropolis. For an extra special touch, stay in a Ryokan – a traditional Japanese inn. Staff wear kimonos, guests wear Yukata (a casual summer kimono) and traditional meals are often included in the price. And if you want to move from city to city, what better way to travel than the technological marvel of the modern age: the bullet train? Picture starting a new life together watching the sun rise in the land of the rising sun.

 10. India

With a whole sub-continent to traverse, India offers diversity, culture, sunshine, beaches, the ridiculous and the profound. If you want to see many wondrous temples and religious sites India can accommodate you. If you’d prefer to kick back beachside and enjoy good food and reliable weather you can do that too. For those interested in photography India always proves reliably photogenic. This is where new journeys begin and end in the cradle of human civilisation. Starting your married life together in India will be an experience you’ll never forget. Something to cherish forever.





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