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Top 10 best honeymoon locations (part one)

We know how exhausting, albeit exciting, it is to organise a wedding. Worrying about all the minor details that create the perfect wedding look, hoping it all comes together at the last moment. That’s why the last thing you should be worrying about is having a good time on your honeymoon. So Confetti has hand-picked the most popular 2014 honeymoon destinations for your perusal. 

Honeymoon couple at the beach


1. France

Whether it’s sharing a bottle of chilled Sancerre from the sloped lawns of the Sacre Coeur, looking down on the rooftops of romantic Paris, or wandering the vineyards of Bordeaux before gorging on bistro classics like cassoulet, steak tartare or tarte tatin –  honeymoons in France are made for romance. Imagine wandering the markets of Marche aux Puces de St Ouen or sipping coffee or liquors in a Montmarte cafe. For those with busy lifestyles and work commitments, France is only a short flight or train journey away. And with the train running from the heart of the capital, Paris is nearer to London that Manchester, so you’ve no excuse for not taking a first or second honeymoon here.

2. Italy

The Italians have always understood romance and love. It’s woven into everything they do. The way they dress, the cars they drive, the food they eat, the language they speak. So what could be more romantic than a wonderful honeymoon in Italy? For a short city break consider the Renaissance city of Florence: marvel at the genius of Michelangelo’s David or stroll together arm in arm down the Ponte Vecchio (a medieval stone arch bridge that hosts many jewellery shops). Venice is the ultimate honeymoon destination. Leaning back in each other’s arms as your gondola drifts under the Bridge of Sighs, a whispered promise of eternal love on the lips. Take in the breathtaking sights of this beautiful medieval city and witness the buildings made famous by Canaletto and Guardi. Or consider Sardinia: ancient cities, gorgeous weather, white beaches, great hotels and an amazing Mediterranean climate.

3. Greece

Where better to begin spending the rest of your life together than the eternal country of Greece: cradle of western civilisation. If ruins and history delight then you have everything from the Parthenon atop the Acropolis to the theatre at Delphi. If hiking, mountain biking or kicking back on the beach is more your thing consider one of the hundreds of islands. If you prefer instead to lie back in luxury whilst being pampered with five star service then Greece has an abundance of quality hotels – perfect for a post wedding wind down. And with flight times at three and a half hours its not too far for romantic weekend getaways or run-to-the-sun holidays.

4. Iceland

The spectacular yet unforgiving landscape of Iceland isn’t perhaps the first choice when one thinks of a romantic holiday destination. Rugged ice capped mountains; much of the land blanketed in snow; the thermometer at the low end of the scale. But Iceland is cosily romantic. You could hire a cabin and nestle by a warm fire together. Or luxuriate in the heat of an open-air, geothermal spa. Spectacular waterfalls abound in the rugged northern and western areas and Europe’s largest national park: the Vatnajokull is also  worth exploring (don’t forget to take a camera).

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