Unplugged Honeymoons: Where to go for a Digital Detox

In the run up to your wedding, chances are you’ll be absolutely glued to your phone, which makes unplugged honeymoons very appealing indeed – a chance to fully connect with your surroundings and ignore the constant pinging of your phone? Bliss!



What is an unplugged honeymoon?

An unplugged honeymoon is where you and your partner detach from any form of technology including smart phones, tablets, smart watches and TVs, in a bid to spend real, quality time together.

Chances are you’ll be staying in incredible accommodation; maybe an over the water villa, or a hotel with an amazing infinity pool, and having a digital detox allows you to fully live in the moment rather than waiting for the likes to roll in on your latest #honeymoongoals picture.

We’re not suggesting you refrain from taking photos of the surroundings (what would you show off when you get back to work if you don’t take pics?!), just save posting them until you’re back on home soil.

Having a digital detox on honeymoon allows you to feel completely relaxed and really revel in the company of the person you love most in the world – without a screen to stare at, you’ll really take in your surroundings and will reconnect with what really matters. Plus, we bet you’ll get through more books than you have in years!

Unplugged honeymoons are gaining such popularity that couples are starting to look for destinations which don’t have WiFi (we know how tempting it is just to check your emails), or have limited 4G service.

We spoke to long haul specialists Hayes & Jarvis about the best destinations to head to for an unplugged honeymoon, where you can revel in uninterrupted newlywed bliss. This list was compiled by examining the population density, the percentage of the country that has been built on and the number of Wi-Fi hotspots and 4G availability (where less is better) – read on to find the perfect honeymoon spot to switch off from the world in.

Best Holiday Destinations for a Digital Detox

  1. Costa Rica

In Central America, bordering the Caribbean is Costa Rica, the best destination for a digital detox. Over half of the population (66%) here has access to the internet but with 4G speeds of 5.82 Mbps, you won’t be surfing the web quickly.

Instead of being distracted by the latest posts on Instagram, you could surf the waves or venture into the jungle. Costa Rica also has the highest percentage of parkland at 25%, higher than any other destination on the list making it the perfect location to get back in touch with nature.

2. Chile

The Chilean countryside is renowned for its beauty and amazing weather, but that isn’t why it’s second best on the list. Based on the number of free wi-fi hotspots and the population density, there isn’t much wi-fi to go around per tourist. If you manage to find one, it won’t be very fast – which is great for a digital detox. Luckily, there are many outdoor activities to keep you and your partner busy, from hiking, mountain biking and sand surfing.

3. Iceland

Iceland is mostly known for the Aurora Borealis and the Blue Lagoon, but it’s also a great place for your digital detox. Only 0.03% of the land is built on – leaving a lot to be explored.

The picturesque countryside consists of valleys, mountains, rivers and waterfalls, so be sure to bring your hiking boots and a camera – you can share those Northern Lights photos when you’re back at home in a throwback Thursday post.

4. Colombia

There are many things to do in Shakira’s homeland of Colombia, and updating your Facebook status isn’t one of them; we’re more thinking cave exploration and horseback riding – extra romantic! Research showed that only 0.19% of Colombia is built on, leaving a lot of untouched and beautiful space for exploration.

5. Peru

Peru is home to the famous Machu Picchu, and many other historical sites, which are just waiting to be experienced. The South American country is also a perfect destination for some downtime. Even though nearly half of the population (45%) have access to the internet, you’ll find yourself more occupied by the number of outdoor activities available here rather than checking your emails. These could be exploring the Sacred Valley or trekking through the Amazon.

The other top 15 destinations for unplugged honeymoons are below – you’re sure to find one that takes your fancy!

6. Oman

7. Argentina

8. Ecuador

9. Kazakhstan

10. New Zealand

11. Georgia

12. South Africa

13. Panama

14. Estonia

15. Canada

16. Finland

17. Australia

18. Norway

19. Latvia

20. Ireland

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