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Honeymoon Essentials for Grooms

When the wedding day has drawn to a close the next thing to look forward to is the honeymoon, a time for romance, passion and love. Now you have to remember what you should pack, this article will tell you the honeymoon essentials for grooms that should be in your bag before you jet off to your honeymoon.

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General Travel

Passport- This may seem incredibly obvious and the one thing that you would definitely remember to pack, yet the amount of people I see at airports without their passport, looking through their bags and holding up the already unbearable queues. Just remember to put it in your pocket so you can grab it nice and quickly.

Plane Tickets and Boarding Passes- You don’t want to be stood at the gate watching your plane leave while you and your newlywed partner are left wondering where the tickets are and who’s to blame. Check and double check that you have the tickets. Download a digital boarding pass if that is at all possible, because the chance of you forgetting your phone is incredibly remote.

Money- Planning on eating or drink on your honeymoon? Well you’d better pack some money and be sure that it’s the correct currency for the country you’re travelling to. Some currencies are not stocked at converting centres and will have to order them in, I recommend ordering your money at least a month in advanced to be sure you’re not left with a light wallet.

Maps- Planning to explore the local area? Well remember that using your phone’s GPS will cost you an arm and a leg whilst abroad. The good old fashion paper maps will keep you moving in the right direction; even if you’re using physical print outs from Google Maps.

Luggage Locks- Unfortunately even in 2015 we cannot trust people, I’m not saying that someone will go through your bag, but it’s not worth the risk. Furthermore a bright and colourful padlock is an easy way to identify you bags when you’re looking for them on the carrousel, saving you time to start the honeymoon.

Sunglasses- These have two extremely important jobs to complete, neither role more important than the other. Firstly they will protect your eyes from the harmful harsh light of the foreign sun. Secondly they will make you look so unbelievably cool, just don’t wear them inside or at night, that’s decidedly less cool.

Sun cream- Burnt skin is not a sexy look, you want to impress your partner on this romantic holiday of pleasure, not have them rubbing after sun into your burnt, red back because you forgot to pack the sun cream.

After Sun- Well in case you don’t put on enough sun cream, you don’t want to be in too much pain. So this is just to be safe, but seriously, pack your sun cream.


Hair Brush- You have to keep your hair under control while you’re off on your honeymoon, just as you would were you at home, this may be a holiday, but it is not the time for you to get lazy about your appearance, quite the opposite in fact.

Shampoo- Your hair requires care and especially when you’re sweating a lot, due to incredible heat and long sessions of “physical exertion”. You will need to maintain your standard hair care regime in order to combat the grease and retain your hair’s beauty and keep you looking handsome.

Razor- If you’re off on a rather long honeymoon then you’ll want to keep your facial and down there hair in order. Some men will get away without needing to shave for nearly a week; however others will look like a wolf man after a day. In any case it’s better to have it with you and not need it, than not have it and look like a Wookie.

Aftershave- Your signature scent, you love it, your partner loves, where would you be without it? In that case bring it with you and woo your newlywed partner with your irresistible scent. However you should always pack this in your bag that is going into the hold. This is because you are not allowed to take containers holding more than 100 ml of liquid onto a plane in hand luggage.

Deodorant- One of the worse things that could occur during your honeymoon is that your partner is repulsed by you; sweat is inherently disgusting and should be combated, especially if you’re honeymooning in a hot country. Again, keep this in your main luggage that goes in the hold.

Teeth Care- On your honeymoon, both you and your partner would greatly prefer you had shiny teeth that sparkle and shine, rather than teeth covered in plaque and breath that stinks. You should definitely be bringing your tooth brush, tooth paste, floss and a small travel sized bottle of mouth wash, to ensure your mouth is clean and kissably fresh.

Soap- This is more of a personal pet peeve of mine, when people wash their hands after using the toilet, they just run water 0ver their hands, that’s not cleaning your hands. It’s gross and you’ll want nice clean and sparkly hands for the days and nights to come.

Contraception- We’re all adults here, so let’s be honest here. You’re going to want and need these. Whatever your preference of contraception is, you definitely want to prevent unplanned pregnancies and ensure that your honeymoon stays, fun, sexy and safe.

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Swimwear- It is very important that you dress to accommodate your body, if you don’t have the greatest body in the world, a Speedo may not be the greatest of choices. Just be sure that you look good in it, you want your time pool side to be relaxing, not feeling self conscious and ashamed of your body.

Casual- Your day to day wear, this is really anything that you want to wear, but ensure that you pack enough tops for an extra three days, so that you will have something to get changed into if you do start to get sweaty throughout the day.

Smart- Are you planning on going out at some point for a lovely meal at a local restaurant? Then you’ll want to pack a nice dress shirt, a nice pair trousers and maybe a tie if you’re feeling fancy. A suit may seem like a good idea, but remember that it will be hot and it will develop creases during the flight.

Underwear: Remember that this is a honeymoon and you should wear appropriate underwear, no holes, comfy and sexy. The same goes for socks, you should definitely check your socks for holes as they can develop holes incredibly quickly.

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