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If you are dreaming to have your magic wedding in Spain, then you have to get married in Mas de Sant LleÃÔøΩ?ÃÔøΩ­. They are a gorgeous country house, all just 15 minutes from Barcelona and the beach, in the town of Vilanova del VallÃÔøΩ?ÃÔøΩ¨s, with a lot of possibilities where to celebrate your dreamed wedding. 

Mas de Sant LleÃÔøΩ?ÃÔøΩ­ was designed around the idea of ensuring the highest quality in every service it offers. And this is what they are known for, more than ten years after they began. They have their professional and qualified staff for all the services which will make your day so perfect.

On the forty-plus hectares of private land stands a magnificent stately home dating back to the twelfth century, set against a backdrop of 30,000 m2 of beautiful gardens with breathtaking views. Its natural and historic beauty, its unique location and the painstaking attention to detail of its staff make Mas de Sant LleÃÔøΩ?ÃÔøΩ­ the ideal venue for weddings and intimate gatherings.

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8 Carrer De Can Poal, Barcelona 08188, Vallromanes, Spain
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8 Carrer De Can Poal, Barcelona 08188, Vallromanes, Spain
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