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28 Wedding Sign Ideas with!

30th September 2014 |By | Be the first to comment

Wedding signs are vital to help your guests navigate your wedding—without a wedding sign, your guests  might end up lost in a room on the other side of the venue. They also act as cute and quirky decoration for everything from the wedding reception to the wedding car. They’re some all-round helpful accessories, so here are our top 28 wedding sign ideas.

Retro wedding sign and wooden board | Personalised Directional Sign with Chalkboard Print Design wedding sign and a Vintage Inspired Wooden Multi-Purpose sign board

  1. Wall Signs

    Mr and Mrs and directional hanging wedding signs |,uk

    Nail signs into wooden boards for a rustic look.

    Left to right: Mr & Mrs Chair Signs | A Vintage Affair I Do Sign

  2. Hanging Signs

    Hanging wedding signs  | Wanderlust Directional Poster and hanging hearts from Pink and Ivory Vintage Destination Wedding.

  3. Bunting

    Classic and vintage wedding signs and bunting | Canvas Fabric DIY Pennants/Flags with Personalised Wood Veneer Pennants | Vintage Romance Bunting

  4. Signs and Your Pets

    Pets at weddings wearing signs |

    Include your pets in your wedding signage by giving them a small sign for around their neck!

    Above, a fluffy kitty from Laura and Matt’s Pink and Polka Dot Real Wedding and a cute dog from Nicola and Craig’s Destination Real Wedding

  5. Arrow Signs

    Pointing arrow wedding signs |

    Arrow wedding add directional emphasis and a retro look.

    Above, left to right: Wooden Black Board Stick In Directional Arrow Shape | Pointing Arrow Wedding Directional Sign

  6. Shaped Signs

    Shaped wooden wedding signs |

    Wooden signs can go just about anywhere at a wedding!

    Above, left to right: Double Heart Decorative Form | Personalised Wood Veneer Sign – Deer Sign

  7. Simple Stationery

    Black and white damask wedding stationery |

    You don’t have to be fancy to make a stunning wedding sign. Sometimes the design of classic stationery works very well too.

    Above, left to right: Baroque Paper Frames With Table Easel – Large“Love Bird Damask” Disposable Camera Table Sign

  8. Sticker Signs

    Large and small wedding sticker signs |

    Wedding stickers are an easy wedding sign alternative, since they come in thousands of designs and a wide range of sizes.

    Above, left to right: Laser Expressions Large PVC Sticker | Black And Gold Opulence Large Clear PVC Sticker For Acrylic Sign

  9. Balloons

    Grey and white wedding balloons |

    These come in so many shapes, styles and sizes these days that you could really push the boat out to make them into a create wedding sign.

    Above, products include Chic Boutique Balloons and Personalised Balloons Pack.

  10. Cardboard Signs

    Cardboard board wedding signs |

    You could have some fun with cardboard signs by not only using them as directional signs, but also calling cards for things like “applause” during wedding speeches.

    Above, left to right: Expressions Wedding Directional Sign | Wedding Directional Signs

  11. Wooden Boards

    Personalised wooden board wedding signs |

    Boards and logs give a good outdoor-wedding look, and can be easily personalised with paint, stamps, laser-cutting.

    Wooden boards as wedding signs work wonderfully for rustic, woodland, or outdoor weddings.

  12. Chalk boards

    Chalk board decorative signs |

    Chalk boards can look very retro or vintage, and you can edit the message you have written on it at any time, so yo can use them again and again, even after the wedding!

    Above, Ornate Vintage Chalkboard Mounted On Faux Wood (Ornate Vintage Framed Chalkboard also available).

  13. Table Number Signs

    Table number holders and signs |

    They’re still signs! And you don’t necessarily have to use them for table numbers. Put your own messages in them , like a welcoming note to the guests who will be sitting at that table.

    Above, left to right: Contemporary Baroque Diecut Acrylic Sign | Antique Finish Wooden Sign

  14. Slate Signs

    Personalised shaped  grey slate signs |

    Slate can come in numerous sizes and it gives a great textured look. And its easily personalised!

    Above, left to right: Engraved Slate Board | Script Engraved Slate Heart Decoration

  15. Engraved Acrylic signs

    Personalised clear engraved acrylic signs |

    Clear acrylic wedding signs fit with any theme and can be personalised to say whatever you want.

    Woodland Pretty Engraved “Bride” Acrylic Sign – Small | Black And Gold Opulence Engraved “Groom” Acrylic Sign – Small

  16. Block Lettering

    Block lettering wedding signs and cake toppers |

    With block lettering you can spell out anything you need to.

    Above, clockwise from the left: Wooden Mr & Mrs Letters Off WhiteIvory Wooden Love SignVintage Affair – Mr & Mrs Wooden Sign

  17. Letter Blocks

    Letter blocks and scrabble pieces as alternate signs |

    Let your imagination run wild with your table signs. Place cards and wedding favours can be beautifully unique with a little bit of creativity.

    Above, left to right: Scrabble pieces place name from Caroline and Charlie’s Amazing Budget Friendly Real Wedding | “LOVE” Cube Favour Boxes With Charming Aged Print

  18. Plates and Dishes

    Decorative plates as wedding signs |

    Lay your plates or dishes out on a table, filled with snacks or flowers, or prop them up to act as place cards with your guests’ name drizzled on them in melted chocolate.

    Above, left to right: “LOVE” Plates Set | Heart Shaped Plates

  19. Cake Toppers

    Signs and letters as wedding cake toppers |

    Cake toppers can be wedding signs too, whether you use simple letters or a decorative prop.

    Above, left to right: Personalised Wood Veneer Sign | Brushed Silver Monograms with Crystals

  20. Chair Banners and Signs

    Wedding chair banners and signs as decorations |

    Decorate every possible part of your wedding venue with artistic banners and signs on the backs of chairs.

    Above, left to right: Cheeky Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Paper Chair Markers and banner with colourful floral chair decoration.

  21. Shoes

    Weddung shoe stickers lettering|

    Infuse your big day into your wardrobe with wedding signs under your shoes. There are many you can choose from, and they can say anything you want them to.

    Above, left to right: “I Do” Shoe Talk In Blue Pearls And Crystals | “She’s Mine” Shoe Lettering from Audrey and Mark’s Real Wedding

  22. Number Plates

    Wedding number plates decoration |

    Wedding number plates are terrific for your wedding car, carriage, or bicycle.

    Above, clockwise from the left: License Plates | Just Married License Plate | Personalised Printed License Plate

  23. Aeroplane Banners

    Banner flying behind a plane |

    From Audrey and Mark’s Real Wedding, a plane trails a banner through the sky reading, “Happy Wedding Day and I Thank You All For Coming”.

    Get Creative!

    If you’re feeling inventive, you could step off the beaten track. Really, wedding signs can be made of anything. Just make sure the message can be conveyed clearly!

  24. Art

    Wedding art and graffiti |

    Veronica and Alejandro’s Urban Real Wedding with modern art backdrop.

  25. Bags

    Wedding decorative bags |

    Bags? Yes! Imagine what they would look like when personalised with a phrase of your choosing and then strung up with a battery-powered light inside. Come night time, they’ll light up beautifully!

    Above, a selection of tote bags hanging in tree branches | Expressions Personalised Tote Bag | Wanderlust World Map Personalised Tote Bag

  26. Fans

    Fabric and paper hand fans |

    Use your imagination to put a message or note on a large fan or put one word or letter on individual fans to make up a word or sentence.

    Above, clockwise from the top: Antiqued Lace Hand FanContemporary Hearts Fan | Vintage Lace Personalised Hand Fan

  27. Umbrellas and Parasols

    Wedding umbrellas and parasols |

    Similarly to your fans, write a message on an umbrella or parasol. Reflect your theme in your font, like with elegant script for a vintage wedding.

    Above, wedding Umbrellas and Parasols including Antiqued Battenburg Lace Parasol

  28. Flags

    Decorative wedding flags as entertainment and decoration |

    Flags come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. You could use them for table decorations, wall decorations, ceiling decorations, or even entertainment.

    Above, decorative Congratulations Paper Flag and Flag Entertainment from Agne and Dominique’s Real Wedding

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