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Alternative Wedding Ring Boxes

9th May 2016 |By | 2 Comments

Whether you’re taking the rings down the aisle, or popping the question, you’re going to need a ring box. Toss that boring ring box for one of these unique and exciting alternative wedding ring boxes!

The Clearest Intentions

This acrylic ring box is a clean and simple, with a compartment to add decorative accents to really make it pop. The box can be etched in several different styles, making it fit into nearly every wedding theme.

The Cutest Loot

Borderlands Loot Chest Ring Box |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

I have played Borderlands for countless hours, but I have never found any loot this legendary! This nifty little box is an amazing way to carry a ring for any fan of the games. Just be careful that a vault hunter doesn’t try and take it from you.

Our Adventure Book

This vintage inspired ring box allows you to keep the vows and rings together, while adding a vintage feel with an antique charm to the ceremony. This box gives you a memento that is perfect for the day and after.

The Sweet Secret

Macaron Ring Box |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The only ring box on this list that looks good enough to eat! With so many different colour options these can fit with any colour scheme. Inspired by the French meringue, this is a great ring box for anyone who likes macarons. So everyone.

The Unbreakable Vow

Harry Potter Ring Box |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

There are so many Harry Potter themed ring boxes, but the idea of keeping the ring inside of the book just seems so amazing to me. This will be the second best gift for any Potterhead, falling just behind their Hogwarts acceptance letter. Just make sure you don’t carve up your copy! Go and buy a spare one to keep the ring in.

The Old Girl

TARDIS Ring Box |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. It seems only fitting that the TARDIS be involved in the big day. I’m not sure what theme (other than a Doctor Who theme) this could fit into, but a true Whovian will make it fit!

The Droid You’re Looking For

Wall-e Ring Box |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

A wedding should be all about love, nobody has a larger heart than this little Earth class droid. Wall-E and EVA are quite possibly the paramount relationship goals. Invite this adorable little bot to your wedding and he may just steal the show.

Till Death Do Us Part

Coffin Ring Box |

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

This ring box goes to show that your love won’t bend and will last for all eternity. The soft satin and beautiful wood make me want to sleep in a coffin from now on. This is such a cool idea and will fit into a Gothic themed wedding so easily, but that kind of goes without saying.

Into The Woods

Unlike many of these ring boxes, this wooden one has room for both wedding rings and is small enough to keep in a pocket. This hand carved, dark wood ring box creates a timeless look and won’t feel like a dated keepsake, but a charming future heirloom.

Tyler Goodyer
Written by

Tyler Goodyer has left his life of camping in the cold rain for a life filled with Prosecco, weddings and glitter beards. In his free time Tyler can be found in the pit at a concert, drinking cocktails (mostly strawberry daiquiris) in Manchester or snuggled up in a blanket watching Stranger Things on Netflix for the 3rd time that week.

2 Replies to “Alternative Wedding Ring Boxes”

  1. Eddy Martin

    Hello I was interested in the coffin box for my girlfriend engagement ring are these still available thanks

    Reply· Apr 24, 2017 8:37pm
  2. Kate Thompson
    Kate Thompson

    Hi there, we don’t stock that ring box I’m afraid, which is a shame as I agree it is amazing. Here are the slightly less Gothic ring boxes we do stock including a range that can be personalised with your own engraved message: Hope that helps.

    Reply· Apr 25, 2017 4:21pm

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