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DIY Wedding – Simply Stunning Centrepieces

22nd September 2012 |By | Be the first to comment

You don’t have to spend hours of time and hundreds of pounds making beautiful centrepieces for your wedding – all you have to do is find some empty jars! Here is a simple yet stunning idea for an indoor wedding – twinkle jars!

DIY Twinkle Jar Centrepieces

You only need 3 items: clear glass jars of various sizes, petal confetti, and LED tealights. Yes, you read that right, this is all you need!

Glass jars, without lids – everyone has some empty jars at home, and the more different sizes, the better. Make sure they are clean and free of any labels (nail polish remover is great for taking off stubborn leftover glue from labels). You may also use any other clear glass containers, such as sugar dishes, vases, and bowls, as long as they are large enough to fit an LED tealight inside. Think of how many tables you have and how many jars you would like to put on each. We recommend a minimum of 5 jars per table.

If you don’t want to use jars, some other containers you may use are: tealight holders, vases, or glass globes.

Confetti – you may use any confetti that fits your theme, our example shows the freeze dried rose petals in burgundy. The amount of confetti per table depends on how many jars you are having, but an average will be about 3 handfuls per table.

Twinkle lights – these are LED tealights, with their own batteries – they twinkle like real candles, and can be switched on and off!

Now for the hard work…

  • Switch on the LED tealights
  • Drop one into each jar
  • Place the jars in the centre of the table, a mix of sizes
  • Gently arrange the confetti around the jars as shown below (real petals are fragile and may crumble if squeezed)
  • Step back and enjoy the results!

DIY Twinkle Jar Centrepieces

Your simple yet stunning arrangement will look gorgeous, especially when the lights are dimmed!

DIY Twinkle Jar Centrepieces

DIY Twinkle Jar Centrepieces

DIY Twinkle Jar Centrepieces

DIY Twinkle Jar Centrepieces

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