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Monochrome Weddings

4th July 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

“Monochrome” simply means “one colour” and black and white is what most people first visualise. Monochrome black and white is a wonderfully glamorous wedding colour scheme that’s clean and elegant; it’s something of a classic beauty. Therefore, here’s some inspiration for monochrome weddings!

Monochrome Weddings |

Monochrome Weddings

Your colour scheme will spread itself across most, if not all, of your wedding—from decorations to jewellery, the outfits to the stationery. One of the biggest hurdles for brides is to choose their black and white wedding dress, but there are uncounted designers who offer beautiful monochrome designs—these can include lace patterns and appliqué, and decorative silk bows and sashes. Most black and white dresses have emphasis on the white to keep the traditional white-wedding look, but you can also get black-heavy dresses that result in a classy, more prestigious feel. It’s the same story when it comes to bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, and mother-of-the-groom clothes; you can have a lot of fun. It’s perhaps the groom and his groomsmen who have the easiest job when trying to find a suit—most suits come in black and white, as do ties, pocket squares, and waistcoats.

To ensure your monochrome wedding doesn’t fall flat (with boring dashes of black or white here and there) or become too chaotic (with a haphazard blend of various patterns and textures), you may want to consider choosing a pattern or patterns that you can stick to. For example, checked squares or other geometric shapes, or pretty fleur de lis and damask designs. The pattern you choose will tie all of the elements of your wedding together: the clothes, the accessories, and even the wedding decor.

Monochrome weddings, often fitting the glamorous theme, are nothing without the setting. The venue can go a long way in making or breaking the feel of your wedding ceremony and reception, so choose carefully. The obvious choice may be a high-end hotel or grade II listed mansion, but even unique venues such as marquees make a bold statement. It all depends on what kind of monochrome wedding you want.

Monochrome Wedding Venues |

Above, clockwise from the bottom: One Great George Street | No.4 Hamilton Place | Courtesy of Pinterest

When it comes to decorating your monochrome wedding, as mentioned before you have two ways to go: black-heavy, or white-heavy. A black-heavy monochrome wedding is obviously much darker; it lends itself well to the opulence of a Parisian-themed wedding or the dramatic luxury of art deco, and it’s a popular choice for New Year’s Eve Weddings. To style this wedding you should use hints of white to both break up the black and to draw attention to details—like white roses in black vases, or white napkins on a black tablecloth.

Monochrome Wedding Table |

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On the flipside, a white-heavy monochrome wedding is very popular around Christmas, lending itself beautifully to a winter wonderland. Here dashes of black trace the details—black pearls scattered over a white wedding table, black ribbon binding your wedding stationery.

However, these two ways of decorating are not the only ones. Adding mid-tones like light or dark grey adds some beautiful depth and texture. It’s up to you to experiment and see what you like!

For more ideas on how to style a monochrome wedding, see our article on How to Pull Off a Monochrome Summer Wedding!

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