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4 Fresh and Unique Stag Pranks to Pull

Stag pranks have become stale, predictable and rather boring; with these creative prank ideas you can catch your stag by surprise and leave him an embarrassed wreck of his former self.

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Stag vs. Food

There comes a point in every stag do where food is required and it is your duty as friends to ensure he receives sustenance.

You prepare the stag a feast of cheap delights, ice cream, an incredibly greasy burger, pre-packaged macaroni and cheese and finally the cheapest sushi you can find.

You lay this feast on a table and blindfold the stag, informing him that this is an eating contest with his best man, he is to eat as much of the food in front of him as possible within 3 minutes whilst blindfolded.

You may have to come up with a prize to entice him to really try to win this, but the best man does not eat, the rest of the party plays along making the stag think he’s barely losing.

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Images courtesy of Pinterest

Nice and Secure

Everybody wants the stag to look as ridiculous as possible for as long as possible; a way to do this is to deny him access to his spare clothes. Obviously this requires him to be in fancy dress with you, it’s in order to keep him in the same costume as the rest of the group changes into a second outfit. This prank requires team work and a small amount of coordination; make sure you a large lock for this prank. During the festivities, send a member of the stag do with a spare key to the stag’s room and padlock to the stag’s room to lock his bags. The next day the stag have to spend the day’s activities in his dirty, alcohol and vomit covered outfit from the night before.

Booze and Chain

While many stag dos have their stag attached to a ball and chain, possibly filled with sand, people often forget just how heavy liquid is. Simply give your stag a dog collar at the beginning of the night as part of his outfit and later chain him to a keg filled with alcohol. The acts of walking and turning his neck become uncomfortable and will restrict his movement. He can lighten the load by drinking from the keg, resulting in him becoming exceedingly drunk while trying to carry a large keg.

80 Ounces of Pain

A simple drinking game known as Edward Fortyhands, the standard practice calls for the taping of two 40 ounce beers to each of the player’s hands and not removing them until both bottles are empty. This is an extremely fun drinking marathon that can set you up for the night. The prank comes from when the stag has to try and use the bathroom with his hands tapped to a bottle.

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