A man has needs and that need is booze | Confetti.co.uk

5 Ways To Plan An Unforgettable Stag Do

You’ve been entrusted with the sacred duty of planning a stag do, a time honoured tradition and a final hurrah for your stag’s freedom. This is no small task, you have to make the night fun and memorable without going overboard. With these tips you can plan an absolutely legendary stag do.

A man has needs and that need is booze | Confetti.co.uk


1. That’s the Power of Booze

Alcohol is a curious thing; it makes one man weep and another man sing. With this in mind you must remember that members of the stag do may be come rowdy and unpleasant to be around. As the stag organiser it falls to you to ensure that nobody gets drunk enough to ruin the stags night, you can do this by cutting them off or giving them “vodka” shots which are in fact water.

On the flip side you want to get the stag as drunk as humanly possible, within reason. You want your stag to have fun, not need his stomach pumped in the morning. The stag should not have to buy a single drink, from a pint of bitter to a fishbowl cocktail, the group should buy him all his drinks on his night.

2. Take Him Out of his Comfort Zone

Convince the stag to do something that he has always been too scared to try, but has always wanted to do. The memory of his first time will be that of his friends being there with him. This could be bungee jumping, paint balling, sky diving, white water rafting or even go-karting. As long as you know that he will enjoy it then he will be won over after some light convincing. Don’t force him to do something that you know he won’t enjoy, you don’t want to force him to do anything and ruin the fun.

3. Remove the Stag from His Natural Habitat

If you host the stag do in his home town, where every man and his dog knows the stag he will be worried about his image. By releasing the stag into the wild he is then allowed to play the town fool, to get drunk and stumble around without the fear of anyone remembering who he is. This is important as this will allow his inhibitions to go down incredibly quickly, the lower the inhibitions, the more fun he shall have.

4. Get the Boy Some Incredible Toys

If your stag was fascinated by combat as a child, you can fulfil his childhood desire by bestowing upon him the right to bear arms. From shooting pistols at a shooting range to putting in charge of a tank, there are several different places where you can do this in a safe controlled environment. If you think the stag would prefer a team building exercise there are air soft sites across the country, air soft is like paintballing, but with a wide range of realistic weaponry. This can bring the group together, but you have to be sensitive to the members of the do, some people may have an issue with this for any reason. This isn’t something that you should force anyone to do.

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5. Et Tu Brute?

Stag pranks are a tradition that you will be expected to keep up, but there are ways to prank the stag successfully and unsuccessfully. Firstly you want the stag to feel embarrassed and look stupid, but you don’t want him to feel isolated. If you’re intending to get the stag to dress up, the rest of the stag group should dress up too, in a show of solidarity. The stag, however, should look the most ridiculous of the lot. There are lines that you should not cross when it comes to stag pranks, you don’t want to put him in a situation where harm may come to the stag and you most certainly shouldn’t change his long term appearance, like shaving or waxing.

By following these 6 tips you’ll be guaranteed to leave your stag with memories, hopefully all positive, but above all else though, make sure that the stag has the send off he needs, the send off he deserves, the send off that he’ll remember for an incredibly long time.


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