7 Crazy Stag Weekend Ideas from StagWeb.co.uk for Confetti.co.uk

7 Crazy Stag Weekend Ideas: Pre-Wedding Man Madness

It is the groom’s last hurrah and that means his friends are going to want to see him off in fitting style.

7 Crazy Stag Weekend Ideas from StagWeb.co.uk for Confetti.co.uk


But you don’t have to be completely crazy to have crazy fun (that won’t land the groom in trouble with bride-to-be before they’ve even said “I do” and will bring him back in one piece). StagWeb.co.uk look at seven crazy stag party adventures that every bride will approve of.

Zombie Boot Camp

Come face to face with a zombie horde in this live-action experience where the stags will train as a special ops team before battling it out to make the undead… well erm… deader. Weapons training, tactics and brain-munching zombies looking for ‘fresh meat’.

Zombie Bootcamp Stag Party Idea from Confetti.co.uk


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Bubble Football

The most hilarious version of ‘the beautiful game’ known to stag kind. Bump, barge and bully your way to victory in this knockabout sporting hybrid that will have the guys laughing harder than Luiz Suarez at a vegetarian buffet.

Bubble Footlball Stag Party Idea from Confetti.co.uk

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Game of Thrones Experience

If the groom and his best man are hooked on the epic smash TV show then here’s a chance to live out some of the drama and even film their own ultra-realistic battle scene as they become members of the ‘Night’s Watch’. The weekend takes place at the real ‘Winterfell Castle’.

Game of Thrones Stag Party Idea from Confetti.co.uk

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Somerset Challenge

Imagine the Olympics was planned by Mumford & Sons during a rainy day at the Glastonbury festival and fuelled entirely by scrumpy cider… That’s possibly the best way to describe this but-wrenchingly funny challenge that involves huge inflatable obstacles, some seriously messy games and a chance to strap the groom in the “Farmer’s Shower of Truth!”.

Somerset Challenge Stag Party Idea from Confetti.co.uk

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Battle Karts

Guys that grew up on a staple diet of pop-tarts and Mario Karts will be in Gameboy heaven with these real life battle karts where drivers race around the track while trying to shoot their opponents’ carts to put them out of action. “Gentlemen… Start your engines!”

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Stuntman Training

One for tough guy stags. Groomsmen can learn a number of stunt disciplines as seen in the movies including sword fighting and falling down stairs. The school is run by a professional, record holding stuntman who oversees strict safety rules to ensure the groom emerges without a scratch. That’s showbiz!

Stuntman Stag Party Idea from Confetti.co.uk

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Stag vs Food

This is so much more than simply mind over matter. This is the ultimate test of man against plate as the stags sit down to a simply gigantic food challenge. Every calorie soaked mouthful is a test of determination… mostly being determined to eat as much greasy food as possible while his future bride-to-be isn’t around to steal his chips!

Stag Vs Food Stag Party Idea from Confetti.co.uk

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