7 Tasty Hen Party Ideas from GoHen.com for Confetti.co.uk

7 Tasty Hen Party Ideas: Things to Make You Go “Mmmmm!”

A hen party is a mouth-watering weekend for so many reasons, all those laughs with the girls, a fun hen party activity or two, nice meals out, plus the possibility of a cheeky cocktail or two.

7 Tasty Hen Party Ideas from GoHen.com for Confetti.co.uk


But if the bride-de-to-be is a bit of a foodie, or you just fancy some tasty hen party fun that doesn’t involve running around a muddy field or being tortured by an over enthusiastic dance instructor (who simply isn’t taking anyone’s hangovers into consideration), GoHen.com stopped by to share 7 tasty hen party ideas that really will hit just the right spot with all the hens.

Chocolate & Wine Tasting

Britain has produced some amazing partnerships; Strawberries & cream, pomp & circumstance, Torville & Dean, Ant & Dec (?) but this latest one we’re most excited about. A chocolate and wine hen party will allow you to sample and learn how to perfectly match two of the greatest food stuffs. A night in with a movie will never be the same again!

Chocolate & Wine Tasting Hen Party Idea | Confetti.co.uk

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Hen Party Master Chef

“Hen party cooking doesn’t get tougher than this…!” It’s time to beat out a “buttery biscuit base” or two as all the hens go toe-to-toe in this culinary challenge. Just like the show you get your own cooking station and then compete to see who can create the finest foodie masterpiece with help and cooking advice from a professional chef. “Ah mate, it’s summery, it’s fruity… I’d stick my face in it.”

Hen Party Idea for a Foodie from Confetti.co.uk

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Cocktail Making

It’s become a classic hen party activity and for good reason. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a few fruity cocktails, especially when you’re being shown how to make your own by a professional mixologist? And if that means sampling as you work (purely to balance the flavours of course) then who are we to disagree?

Cocktail Mixing Hen Party from Confetti.co.uk

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Afternoon Tea

Elegant afternoon tea hen party idea from Confetti.co.uk

Elegant, delightful, thoroughly tasty and a great chance for all the hens to relax over some ever so fancy tea and cakes while hearing all about the nearly-wed’s plans for the big day. You could also add a little fizz by including a bottle of champagne or Prosecco… Don’t mind if we do…

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Cupcakes & Cocktails

Another perfect combination and really fun activity. While making your own cupcake creations (which you can then take away with you to enjoy later) you’ll be kept perfectly refreshed with some delicious cocktails, perfect to toast the bride-to-be ahead of her special day. “Cheers!”

Cupcake and cocktail making for a hen party from Confetti.co.uk

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Sausage Making

This is a really unusual but utterly hilarious hen party experience. Yes you’ll learn just how to make your own healthier sausages at home. However the trick is to not collapse on the floor in laughter as you watch your friends trying to feed the skin over the sausage meat. Forget plenty of ‘carry on giggles’ as things get a bit cheeky to say the least!

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Champagne Punting

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated way to spend the hen party and want to enjoy some fresh air and the great outdoors then champagne punting is a fantastic way to push the boat out. As you drift down river, enjoying the view you’ll be served perfectly chilled champers. What could be finer?

Champagne punting hen party idea from Confetti.co.uk

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