Accessorise the Hen Night

Planning to make the bride wear an L-plate and a condom-decorated veil? No, I didn’t think so. But what are you going to wear on your biggest ever girl’s night out? Here are some naughty ideas to tempt you and your girls from cute bunny girl outfits to furry ‘fem bot’ style…

Hen Night


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I was out for the evening in Bristol city centre a couple of weekends ago and spotted a group of girls wearing hen night accessories that consisted of nothing but bikinis and knee-length furry boots. They looked… like ‘fembots’ and were no doubt freezing cold. Then it dawned on me – they were obviously a hen night group out on the town. Everyone they passed gave them a double-take. I bet they had a great time. We’ve all seen groups of girls in matching pink furry devil’s horns and handcuffs, but if the idea of dressing your best friends up like that is not your cup of tea, here are some alternative ideas.

Bunny girl style

Think sexy ‘60s bunny girls serving cocktails in fancy bars and you start to get the idea. A pretty, fluffy bunny set with bunny ears, bowtie and tail is all you need for this fabulous look. The boys love it!

Black and shades

Simply ask all your friends to wear something black with sun glasses. You’ll look perfectly coordinated and feel dressed up without looking ridiculous. Simple fab black t-shirts are ideal teamed with a black mini-skirt or hot pants or something less revealing if you prefer. This is what we did on my hen night and the photos from the weekend look great! Not a handcuff in sight. I won’t divulge what I had dangling round my neck for most of the evening however…

Cowgirl crazy

There’s something about wearing a cowboy hat that makes even the straightest of girls feel a little naughty and ready for a good time! Ask your friends to wear a cowboy hat and boots and either jeans or hot pants in crazy colours for loads of fun. Just don’t forget that some clubs have a no-jeans policy so you may have to change before hitting the clubs.

Top hat

The hot pink hen party top hat screams ‘We’re out to have a good time!’ Decorated with sparkling diamantes this hat shows you mean business. This hat is great for anyone on a budget who wants to just add one eye-catching item to everyone in their hen party.

Other accessories to consider are a tutu – great for anyone who loves to dress really ‘girly’, butterfly wings to make you feel about 5 yrs old again, or a satin sash to make you feel like Miss World and – a great keepsake of the night!

There are more great hen party ideas in the Hen & Stag section.

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