best stag destinations in the world

Top 5 Stag Do Destinations in the World

Getting married is not just an opportunity to marry the love of your life, it’s an excuse to celebrate with old friends in style. When it comes to organising a stag night or weekend, you have permission (probably) to paint the town red and it’s the Best Man who’s in charge of making arrangements. The world is your oyster so here’s a quick pick of our top five of the world’s best destinations for your stag do.

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Las Vegas

If money is no object then Las Vegas represents the ultimate stag do destination. A city that truly never sleeps. Five star plus casino rooms are subsidised by the gamblers so your accommodation is reasonably priced (provided you don’t blow all your money at the roulette tables). Las Vegas is Disney Land for adults, a party land paradise of casinos, live shows, swimming pools, sunbathing, 24 hour drinking and eating to excess. Fancy all you can eat seafood at 3am, there’s a place down the strip. What about a few frozen margharitas at 6 in the morning? There’s a place down the strip. Wanna get married? Elvis is in the building and happy to perform the ceremony…



Bangkok is the Venice of the East, a city of sensuality. Built upon a bend of the Chao Phraya River, the city marries temples and commerce, with hedonism and hell raising. Everyone mixes in Bangkok, the tourists and the travellers with the locals. Prices are cheap and bars range from the dingy downcast dives to all night superclubs atop sky scrapers that look down on the sprawling metropolis. Some call it the ‘city of sin’…

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New York

New York contains everything. It is said there are more Jews than Jerusalem, more Greeks than Athens, more Italians than Milan, more Irish than Dublin. If it isn’t happening in New York it probably isn’t happening. New York can accommodate any scale of party from an extended pub crawl across Hell’s Kitchen and Greewich Village to a fully fledged Truman Capote esque ball at the Plaza Hotel. Frank Sinatra was right.


Its reputation proceeds itself. As a destination for a stag weekend it ticks all the boxes with its strip clubs, sex shows and red light district. There’s the decriminalised marijuana smoking of the coffee shops: they tried to ban tourists recently but it hasn’t really stuck and there’s the amazing quality beer. It’s all within easy reach of the UK too.


If you prefer to stay closer to home then the UK has its own stag destinations with our capital city being the most popular choice. See a show, have dinner and go clubbing in the West end, enjoy a striptease in Soho (assuming your betrothed doesn’t mind), or simply soak up the magic of Mayfair. Indulge yourself in the history or just the all-night entertainment. I recommend the Karaoke bars….

If London’s too far for you then go sailing off the coast of your nearest seaside destination, walking in the Scottish Highlands, mountain biking in Wales or skiing on indoor slopes in Manchester. Too sporty? There’s always the pub crawl… There’s always the pub crawl… or hire a cottage in Cornwall and have your own house party. Just bring booze.

Find more inspiration for your stag party in the Wedding Directory or tell your Best Man to take a look.

Oh and a note for the Groom – wherever you decide to go, make sure you have a Best Man who won’t leave you tied to a lamp post naked… Good luck with that.

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