Afternoon Tea at The Grand hen shower

Bridal Shower Games

A bridal shower is a lovely American tradition, quite different to the usual British hen night celebration. It’s a casual party with any of your female guests, from little flower girls to grandmothers, and an ideal opportunity for everyone to meet before the wedding. Playing games acts as a perfect ice breaker and will make your party memorable and fun for all. Here are our favourite bridal shower games, how to play them, and keepsakes to remember the day.

Afternoon Tea at The Grand hen shower


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Wherever you choose to hold your bridal shower, whether at home or at a local venue, these games are ideal to play in a small space with any number of guests.

1. The Funny Photo Game

The aim of the game: To recreate old photos of you and the bride in present day.

What you need: An old photo of you with the bride, the older the better, a camera and keepsake photo album. Fancy dress photo booth accessories, funky disposable cameras for all your guests ,and a decorative backdrop are all optional.

How to Play:  Set up the same pose as your original photo and have your picture taken. For example the bride’s mother with the bride as a newborn baby will look very funny recreated as adults just as best friends as toddlers with their dinner smeared all over their faces will look hilarious too. Make it even more comical with fancy dress accessories or extra special with a monogrammed backdrop. Finally, have all the photos copied and save them into a special album for the bride.


Vintage Lace photo booth party props | Ornate monogram personalised photo backdrop

2 Adventures with the Bride

The aim of the game: To match the scenario of how everyone met the bride to each person present.

What you need: Several pieces of card or paper, some pens and memories to share.

How to Play: Each player writes how they met or bonded with the bride onto a piece of card – the funnier the situation the better. Then all the cards are folded and put into a large hat or hung on the branches of a tree. One person reads out each card while the bride reminisces and everyone has to guess who wrote each card.

Something In The Air Wedding Wishes Pack

Something In The Air Wedding Wishes Pack

3  Shower the Bride (with Love, Advice and Well Wishes)

The aim of the game: To offer the bride advice for a happy marriage.

What you need: Pretty cards, some pens and a keepsake box or scrap book.

How to Play:  Each guest is given a card and a pen to write their top piece of advice to the bride for how to have a happy marriage. The cards are then all put into a box and everyone reads a card chosen at random. The aim is to guess who wrote each card and every piece of advice can be discussed before the cards are saved into the keepsake box or scrap book for the bride to keep.

Country Charm wooden wish box Dandelion wishes

Country Charm wooden wish keepsake boxDandelion Wishes paper scrolls

4 Wedding Trivia Quiz

The aim of the game:  To test everyone’s general wedding knowledge with interesting facts.

What you need: Wedding Trivia boxes from Confetti.

How to Play: Get into two teams and then take it in turns to read out a question. Whoever answers the question correctly scores a point for their team. At the end of the game the team with the most points wins.

Beautiful Day wedding trivia packSomething In The Air Table Trivia

Beautiful Day wedding trivia | Something In The Air Table Trivia

5 Truth or Lies

The aim of the game:  To guess which stories are truth and which are lies.

What you need: Just a vivid imagination and a good sense of humour.

How to Play: Each guest tells a funny or unusual story about the bride or groom and everyone has to guess if it is true or not.

The bridal shower experts

And finally, for anyone who loves the idea of playing games but can’t face organising their own bridal shower, the fabulous Dynamique Boutique in Kent will host your party for you in their elegant and quirky venue, complete with food, drinks and bridal shower games.

For more bridal shower and hen night ideas and accessories please visit the Confetti Shop.

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