How to Have the Best Home Spa Hen Night

If you’re thinking of planning a more personal hen night, then a simple pamper party and girly sleepover can be the best bonding experience of all. You’ll feel like teenagers again and be able to really let your hair down, without any concerns about over-spending. Here’s how to do it in style.

Make your own home spa

It’s more personal not to mention cheaper than booking into a hotel. You might all feel a lot more relaxed having a home spa hen night. Take it in turns to put on face masks, hair and nail conditioning treatments and body scrubs. It’s also a great opportunity to get really pampered and polished before the big day.


Hen night home spa 2Hen night home spa


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Hire a hot tub

It’s not as pricey as you might think. The cost of hiring a hot tub can be shared so you each pay a small amount and all get to enjoy the fun. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hot sunny day or snowing outside as the temperature of the tub will keep you warm and you’ll feel truly relaxed and amazing for the experience. Just add swimsuits and flip flops and don’t forget your towel.

Hen night home spa

Hot tub image courtesy of Ardencote Spa | Hot Pink Hen Party Spa Slippers |White XO embossed flip flops |  Waffle wet bikini in black (available in colours shown, can be personalised with name on the back)

Put on some funny films

Line up a series of funny DVDs, such as Bridesmaids or the Hangover, or even a classic film from your teenage years to get you all talking and sharing.

Make cocktails

Mixing cocktails can be so much fun. Ask everyone to bring a bottle of their favourite liqueur, mix with Prosecco or fruit juices, look up some classic cocktail recipes and add sugar to the rims of each glass or a cocktail umbrella for the full effect! Drink sensibly, girls, and make sure you eat properly too.

Mini Martini glasses |
Mini Martini glasses

Bring a dish each

Also known as a pot luck dinner party, everyone brings along a dish to share so you all end up with a feast and no one has to feel the pressure of feeding a whole group of people. As with the cocktails you could co-ordinate it so you know in advance what everyone is planning to bring, or you could just leave it to pot luck!

Make it a sleepover

Remember how much fun those pyjama parties were that you had as teenagers? Well, you can do it all over again for your hen night at home. Just bring a sleeping bag and a pillow each, and some breakfast to share in the morning. Make it extra special with these beautiful kimonos, you could even have them personalised with everyone’s name as a lovely keepsake of the party.

Watercolour Floral Silky Kimono Robe |
Personalised watercolour floral silky kimono in white or pink

And finally, just remember however you and your girls decide to celebrate the bride’s last night of freedom, the most important thing is you all have fun.

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