Hen & stag dos from heaven

Drunken go‐kart racing, dress‐up, dancing on tables, DIY discos, Chippendale dancers…

These true stories show that when hen parties and stag dos are good, they’re very, very good…

‘The funniest stag do I ever went to took place with a group of lads in a private hotel room in Norwich. There was a very dodgy meal and everyone got very drunk. For dessert, the choice was between chocolate mousse and strawberry surprise. I alone plumped for the latter, but it was such muck, the plate got passed round and round the table. Eventually it reached the groom, who simply grabbed the plate and threw it upwards. This pink gloop just stuck to the ceiling, and continued to drip down on our heads, the waiters and the strippers for the rest of the evening.’
Nick, 41

’My stag night was a wonderful night. I got ambushed by my mates in a car park, made to put on a dress and make‐up and had a ball‐and‐chain attached to my ankle. Then we went on a tour of the local pubs, where I made a great many new friends! Finally, we ended up in my landlord’s huge garden, drunkenly racing go‐karts round and round his house. (I only had to keep the ball‐and‐chain on for 48 hours.)’
Adam, 40

’The best hen night I ever saw I didn’t even go to. It was at a jazz bar in central London and by the time I arrived ‐‐ barely half an hour into the evening ‐‐ everyone was already completely out of it, dancing on tables and snogging strangers. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t go in ‐‐ but to this day everyone else is convinced I was there all night with them.’
Maggie, 31

’My favourite hen do was a real traditional tacky affair. First of all, we had an Ann Summers’ party ‐‐ lots of drink, willie‐shaped chocolates and girlies shrieking the answers to sex quizzes. Then, when everyone had ordered their share of vibrators and love eggs, we rounded off the night with a trip to the Chippendales. I say: if you’re going to plumb the depths, don’t do things by halves!’
Marie, 32

’My hen do was just lovely. My best mate invited ten of my closest buddies and we hired a really nice secluded hotel in Brighton. We had a meal in a private room and just had a really relaxing, laid‐back time. The beauty of it was that no one forced me into doing anything I didn’t want to. Instead, we had a weekend totally focused on what I like to do: sitting around, gossiping and getting drunk.’
Cath, 28

’For my stag night, my mates organised a fantastic 24‐hour spree in New York. John, the organiser, is a real perfectionist, so he divided the whole day into half‐hour units and put together a schedule to account for every one of them. It was a great mix of culture ‐‐ art galleries, sport (baseball) and pure hedonism! I’m a great lover of the beat writers ‐‐ Kerouac et al ‐‐ and he planned an itinerary that took in all their favourite haunts.’
Norm, 42

’Everyone who knows me knows that I love sport. Although I wouldn’t have minded a booze‐up in Dublin or Amsterdam, I was absolutely delighted when I opened an envelope that was presented to me one Friday evening and discovered I was off to the Test Match at Trent Bridge. A weekend drinking beer in the sun watching England lose… what more could I have asked for?’
Damian, 28

’We were all broke, but when it came to Maisie’s hen night, we were determined to send her off in style. So we did the best we could on a limited budget. One of us lived in a big rented house that she shared with five others. She bribed them all to go away for the weekend and we took over the whole place and had an old‐fashioned sleepover. We brought our own lights and tapes for a DIY disco, as well as lots of food and drink and silly, silly games. We were all really up for it and had a totally mental weekend ‐‐ it just goes to show that the best weekends needn’t break the bank.’
Poppy, 25

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