How to style a bridesmaids tea party

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, romantic and feminine way to ask your favourite girls to be your bridesmaids or to thank them for doing a wonderful job in helping you plan your big day; a tea party is a must. Hosting a tea party for your besties is fast becoming the trend for 2015, today we show you how to style a bridesmaids tea party. 



 How to style a bridesmaids tea party |

The Theme


Tea parties and vintage go hand in hand, but this year, we want you to take it to the next level and introduce a little more to the style. This means forget the boring porcelain tea cups and towering cake stands think bold prints, polka dots, floral patterns, and a feast of colours. To do this you’ll want to introduce another vintage theme like bohemian, rustic or retro. When picking a colour for the party, consider  using  your wedding colour or the colours you’ve picked for your bridesmaids. If you haven’t already disclosed the colour your maids will be wearing, the tea party is the perfect occasion to do this.


Tea party vintage decor |
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Stylist tips: The different textures from the other vintage themes, like rustic and bohemian ,will really create the wow factor you’re looking for and on a budget.



When you have your theme the next stage is to pick your invitations, it won’t be a party if no one knows when and where to go. At we have a real passion for all things DIY, especially invitations, which is why we’ve created a beautiful collection of stationery you can use to create the perfect invite. From beautiful laser cut birdcages and floral prints for your traditional vintage theme; to elegant damask invites for those opting for a more elegant do.  Whichever you pick, remember to keep the words simple and sweet and don’t forget to mention if you have a dress code.

Bridesmaids Tea Party |
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Stylist tip: If you’re planning on have your bridesmaids in different colours on your wedding day, make a note in their invitations asking them to wear the chosen colour to the tea party; but don’t say why until the party. Seeing the girls together in the colours you’ve picked will give them a sneak peek into what to expect on the big day and you can see first-hand how your plans are coming together. 


Tea Party Décor


When it comes to displaying your tables think layers and textures. Cake stands are key to your décor, you can’t have a tea party without them; but to give your table the chic look, mix and match the stands. Using different heights and colours will look amazing and create depth and texture to your setting. Don’t forget the cupcakes, our cupcake wraps, bunting and mini flags are the easiest and budget friendly way to instantly transform the appearance of yours cakes, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make them look irresistible!

Vinatge Cakestand | Bridesmiads Tea Party |

Bridesmiads Tea Party |
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Bunting is another key decorating element you must have at a tea party. Instead of the usual cotton bunting, try our floral garlands; Its 3d effect and stunning floral design in soft pastel hues will guarantee your tables and walls burst to life.


Bridesmaids Tea Party |
Featured: 3D Floral Print Paper Garland

Stylist tips: Layer the bunting or  garlands on top of each other for a fuller, deeper look. Especially if you’re using textured bunting, like burlap with paper.

Hanging Decor

Bunting isn’t the only thing you can hang. Our stunning coloured and patterned paper lanterns instantly create the ambiance you’re looking for. By hanging them from the ceilings, you instantly create a cosy atmosphere by drawing in all the elements.


Lanterns | Bridesmiads Tea Party |
Featured: Round Paper Lantern With Vintage Floral Print

Stylist’s tips: Remember use a combination of patterns and colours to keep the melody of texture and depth flowing.



When it comes to your flowers, simplicity is key. Save the grand centrepieces for your wedding day. Don’t over complicate it with the over use of flowers and colours. A single stem, a carnation or rose in an assortment of clear bottles or jar is all you’ll need to give your party the fresh and sophisticated quality you want.  

Flowers for a Bridesmaids Tea Party |
Featured clockwise from left: Bottle vases | Mini ceramic birds | Key Charms | Ruffled Fabric Ribbon Trim | Small metal birdcage


Stylist tips: For those of you who want more than one flower, try baby’s breath in containers you wouldn’t necessary use, like our metal birdcages.


Bridesmaids Gifts

You can’t have a party without a gift or two. If you’ve not asked your girls to be your bridesmaids then now is your chance. Take this opportunity to ask them with a gift they’ll use on the day and cherish for years to come. Our ‘be my bridesmaids’ handkerchiefs are available in colours to match your theme, but to make it extra special you can personalise it. For our brides who are planning a summer wedding, our new tote bags are the must have accessory for you and your bridal party. As with the handkerchiefs, you can personalise our toes with their names or roles.


Gifts for Bridesmaids Tea Party |
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