Packing for a Stag do

When you’re packing for a stag do you have to be sure you bring everything you need to have a brilliant time. What is it that you need exactly? Well let me tell you…

Stag do fun is best served warm with a side of alcohol |


Clothing for Going Abroad

Shorts: You don’t want to overheat while you’re on a stag do; you can easily combat the heat by wearing shorts. Not only do they give a pleasant breeze to your nether region, but they also give you an excuse to show off your legs and tan them while you perform your daily stag activities.

Swimming costume: You will probably want to cool off in the baking heat; you can’t take a dip without your swimming costume. Go and get yourself a pair of trunks or a Speedo, whatever you like, as long as you’re not skinny dipping. The pool owners will not be happy about that, trust me…

Cap and sunglasses: Not only the perfect pool-side accessories; they also protect your head, hair, face and eyes from harmful UV rays. In the short term, you’ll actually be able to see during the day, without having to squint to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Sandals/ flip flops: The perfect pool and beach-side footwear; if you feel like having a swim, you can just kick your sandals off and dive in. No laces are getting in your way; even if you jump in wearing the sandals, they will dry off incredibly fast.

Sun cream: Nothing ruins fun quite like sun burn. With the initial pain on the day and the increased chance of developing skin cancer, spending a few pounds and a couple of minutes a day lathering up is definitely worth doing.

Clothing for the UK

Jeans/ chinos: The UK is not like going abroad, shorts are not recommended as rain can strike at any moment. So when you head out for a night on the street make sure you whack on your favourite jeans or chinos, to look top notch in all of photos that night.

T-shirt: Something comfortable and light is great for the activities in the day. A t-shirt is perfect for keeping you light and manoeuvrable whilst allowing you to express your personality.

Shirt: A button up shirt is sure to create a smart casual look, perfect for nightwear. The neat yet laidback look is a style that is perfect for nearly every situation that you could find yourself in. Unless you’re intending on going to a boardroom meeting while you’re out on the town.

Bride And Groom Hounds Playing Cards from confetti |
Bride And Groom Hounds Playing Cards

Pass the Time

Cards: Cards are a classic item to pass the time; it can also be a social activity. With so many different games for one to one hundred players, if everyone brings a pack of cards you can make an incredible deck to create a game of ‘Cheat’ that will literally last hours.

MP3: Music is something that everyone loves, so if you’re going to stay awake while you travel or you intend to sleep all the way, different music can be used to attain these results. After you’ve planned your travel, you can make a playlist that’s about the same length, bung on some head phones and let the music take you away.

Handheld gaming system: Whether you’re taking a 1990’s Game Boy, or a brand new 3DS, you can keep yourself entertained for any period of time, by packing enough games that is. Even if you’re just sat around waiting, this is something you can just whip out.

Phone: These days your phone is a hub for all your media, music, games, videos and pictures. A phone is for many people their portable entertainment system, so it is the ultimate boredom crusher.

Pack all your toiletries in a rugged canvas dopp kit |
Rugged Canvas Dopp Kit


Tooth brush: You’ll need to take care of your teeth, because on a stag you’ll be doing a lot of smiling. This may seem excruciatingly obvious, but people forget their tooth brush, tooth paste and floss. You don’t want to suffer from halitosis while you’re out there.

Hair care: Don’t take your standard hair care products as they are not ideal for packing. You want your bag packing to be extremely efficient to ensure you can fit everything in your bag, The small, travel sized versions are incredibly efficient and can be left in your hand luggage.

Wet wipes: These delightful little wonders are amazing for everything. When you wake up late with a hangover, these will keep you clean enough when then there is no time for a shower. Furthermore wet wipes are so much better than toilet paper, kick out your loo roll for these beauties and you’ll never be able to go back. These are especially good in countries that tend not to use loo roll, as you’ll need to bring toilet paper anyway.

Hangover cures: Whether it’s pills or your own home remedies, they will be needed after you’ve been out drinking until the early hours of the morning. On a stag do you’ll be expected to bounce back the next day. So pack your pills or buy some raw eggs, just prepare for the morning.

Stag do hangover kit |
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Things to Remember

Spare phone: A spare phone is incredibly useful in the UK and abroad. Abroad it will allow you to send texts and make phone calls without surprise fees, if you’re using a prepaid phone. By taking this phone out to the clubs it also removes the worry of you losing or breaking your phone.

Plug adaptors: Whilst abroad there will not be three pronged plug sockets where you are staying. So you’ll have to take an adaptor for the given country, you can either search what sockets they use in that country, or buy a multi adaptor with most possible plug ins in one.

Charge cables: This seems incredibly obvious since you’re already bringing plug adaptors, but it is often the most obvious things that you overlook. When packing anything electronic, pack the respective charger or batteries with them.

Map: Your phone map may not be of much help abroad as many phone data plans do not cover overseas internet access, if your plan does not, connecting to the internet out there can leave you destitute in a matter of minutes.

Emergency funds: Now remember this money is for emergencies only. Not for when you need another pint, not for buying a kebab, this money is in case of situations such as flights cancelled or your primary money being stolen.

ID: You don’t know the policies of the bars or clubs that you’re going to; I’ve been to places that will not let anyone in without ID. No matter how mature you look, take ID.

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