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Stag Night Etiquette

Stag dos are not all a free-for-all of shots and strippers, and even if you hate rules, here are some essential stag dos and stag don’ts of stag night etiquette to make sure everyone enjoys a truly legendary stag do.

Stag do Harry Judd image courtesy of the Daily Mail |
Image courtesy of the Daily Mail

1. Do what the groom wants to do

The bottom line is if the groom agrees, then it’s okay. If he’s up for an all-nighter of debauchery (hopefully with the bride’s blessing!) then go for it, but if he’d rather have a quad biking or golfing weekend followed by a meal, that’s what you should do. Don’t force him into a lap dancing club if it’s not his scene, he won’t thank you for it, and it’s his night.


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Image courtesy of Vale Resort Wales

2. Do dress up

If you want to – but don’t force anyone. Dressing up is a rite of passage when it comes to stag dos so if you’ve always secretly fancied yourself in a pair of high heels, this is the time to do it! It’s more fun if everyone dresses up and can be easier with a theme, such as superheroes, for example. It is not cool, however, to make the groom drink 20 shots, dress him up as a nun and handcuff him to a bar stool. Full make up and a wig, on the other hand…

 Image courtesy of Designaventure |
Image courtesy of DesignaVenture

3. Don’t do it the night before

Planning the stag do for the night before the wedding is a recipe for disaster. It’s the best man’s job to plan the stag do and act as the groom’s wing man, ensuring he turns up at the ceremony on time – and in one piece. Do not leave him taped to a tree….

Stag do groom image courtesy of pinterest |
Image courtesy of pinterest

4. Don’t get tattoos

Especially if you’ve had a few. Trust me on this one. The comedy cartoon image that seems so hilarious after a few too many drinks won’t seem nearly as funny when you’ve sobered up and realised it’s there for life.

Image courtesy of Pinterest |
Image courtesy of Pinterest

4. Do give out hangover kits

Before you go out make everyone a hangover kit – a little gift bag or box complete with headache tablets and a cool keepsake like an engraved shot glass to wash it down with and then take home to always remember the night.

Stag do hangover kit |
Clockwise from left: image courtesy of Pinterest; Amazon; Alka Seltzer and personalised shot glasses, and personalised whiskey glass, both at

5. Don’t chat up the stripper

Or mud wrestler, or singagram…. And if you really have to chat her up then take her number rather than taking her with you. However alluring she may be, remember that’s her job and the stag do is all about male bonding and a celebration of the groom’s impending marriage.

DesignaVenture mud wrestling stag do

And finally, remember the most important rule of all – what goes on on tour, stays on tour…

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