Top tips for hens

Organising a hen party but don’t know where to begin? Here are some tips to help make your party a success.

Our list of Hen Party Tips on planning the perfect party, whether it is a wild hen night or a sedate get together; our checklist of essentials will help you plan the party to remember.


Getting it right

  • Check with the bride about who she really wants to be there ‐‐ should it be just close friends and family, or work colleagues too?
  • Make sure you get all the necessary contact details.
  • Hen nights are often organised as a surprise for the bride, but make sure you get an idea of what she’d like to do ‐‐ there’s no point having a wild night in a club when she’d rather a quiet day in a spa.
  • Sound out her friends to see if they’ve got ideas, too.
  • Get in touch with all the hens as soon as possible ‐‐ if you have a large group to organise, finding a date and a location to suit everyone may take time.

Perfect planning

  • Don’t under any circumstances hold the hen night on the night before the wedding!
  • Choose a weekend a week or two before the wedding, and try to combine it with the stag do.
  • Think about where you want to hold the party ‐‐ do most of her friends live in one area or is there a central location which would make a good meeting‐point for everyone?
  • If you’re inviting older friends or mums, choose a venue that everyone feels comfortable in ‐‐ if in doubt, split the do into various stages, such as a meal for everyone, and wild clubbing later for the young ones.
  • Plan a few thoughtful treats. This could be anything from a guest book signed by all the hens to a photo album containing photographs of her life.
  • Take along some finishing touches such as personalised shot glasses and hen party t‐shirts.
  • Be very organised. If you’re going abroad, for example, check that everyone has their passports and tickets before you discover missing items at the airport.

Paying up

  • Discuss budgets as soon as possible to find something that suits everyone’s tastes and pocket.
  • When it comes to paying, the costs should be divided amongst the group ‐‐ the bride shouldn’t have to pay for anything.
  • If you have to book an activity or transport, send an email requesting payment from each guest, but be sure to outline exactly what everyone’s paying for, and set a limit on the total amount payable.

On the day

  • It’s easiest to sort out money at the start of the evening, so set up a kitty to avoid the hassle of sorting out bills at the end of the night.
  • If there are lots of you going out, see if you can arrange a group discount in advance.
  • Make sure the events are paced ‐‐ you don’t want everyone to get drunk too soon, so make sure a meal is included in the celebrations.

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