Up in the Air with Go Ape!

It was one of the most beautiful days of May when Ellen (from media sales) and I ventured to the gorgeous Delamere forest to try our hand at Go Ape, as we drove there I was filled with a cocktail of fear and excitement, just like starting at a new school.

After we arrived, had our harnesses fitted and signed disclaimer forms we began the safety dummy run. The safety demonstration was fairly quick and was completely on the ground, so that we could get familiar with the ropes and equipment in safety. Whatever you do, make sure that you’re attached at all times.


Go Ape Training Course

After this our instructor took us to a very low practise course that would look at home in a children’s playground, but we had to keep our ropes attached as though we were a mile high. I thought that this was a strange exercise as I assumed that they’d check my harness before I did each activity. I was wrong.

Once we completed the practise course we were sent out on our own without an instructor, making me really glad that I paid attention. Each course begins with you climbing a ladder to reach the tree tops and reach a platform that is able to hold up to three people at once.

Go Ape Tarzan Swing

To get to the next tree platform you have to complete an activity, luckily each activity has a sign telling you how to complete it, how difficult it is and a reminder to always stay attached. Rope bridges, Tarzan swings and balance beams are just some of the ways that are used to travel from tree to tree. At certain parts the path diverged and you can either take the easier route that gives your legs a bit of a stretch or you can take the extreme route that will have your legs wrapped around your head and your arms sore for days after, Go Ape has something for everyone.

Once you reach the end of the course you simply take a zip line back down to the ground. Each course’s zip line was longer and faster than the last. It was so liberating and I felt incredibly free as I whizzed through the trees and across fields. Unless you fancy ending up flying backwards and skidding across the woodchip landing zone at the end, you should start running in the air so you can hit the ground running. Don’t worry though, someone in your group will crash into the wood chips and yes, it is hilarious to watch.

Go Ape Zipline

This was an amazing experience with absolutely breath taking views that made me feel like I was traversing the forest moon of Endor. It took about 2 hours for us both to go around the entire course, but it only felt like 45 minutes and left me wanting more. Luckily the certificate of completion gave us 15% off our next visit to Go Ape, so I can go back and fulfil my need for the trees very soon!

Whether you’re coming for your hen party, stag party or just for fun, you will have an amazing time. They say that long hair must be tied back and I wasn’t too keen on that, but my adventurer’s ponytail kept my vision clear, hair out of the equipment and also made me look awesome. You can wear whatever you like at Go Ape (including fancy dress), but just make sure that it doesn’t have anything that could get caught on the ropes and will cover your stomach.

So head over to Go Ape and book this unbelievable experience for your hen or stag party!


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