18th and 21st birthday gifts

You can have some real fun choosing an 18th or 21st birthday present. Here are some of our ideas…

18th and 21st birthday gifts

You can have some real fun choosing an 18th or 21st birthday present. Here are some of our ideas…


1.  a day at the races

2.  a romantic trip to Paris (for the giver as well as the receiver)

3.  a driving lesson

4.  some expensive perfume

5.  a handbag

6.  a drinking pack, including a four pack of beer, yard glass, aspirin and coffee

7.  an outdoor game box, (softball, football, Frisbee, cricket bat, tennis balls)

8.  an indoor game box (playing cards, Connect Four, chess, dominoes, hangman)

9.  a games console (Game Boy, PlayStation, Xbox)

10. a subscription to their favourite magazine

11. a going to uni. box (address book with everyone’s details already filled in, pens, paper, stamps, phone card, food)

12. an induction session at the local gym

13. paint them a picture (for you artistic people)

14. make a photomontage of you and them together.

15. a toy from their childhood that they really liked (remote control car, skateboard, roller skates)

16. shares in a company

17. a newspaper from the day/year they were born

18. adopt an animal for them

19. plant a tree on their behalf

20. name a star after them

21  a video camera

22. a photo album with pictures of them since birth

23. their personal horoscope

24. a compilation of their favourite music

25. a relaxation kit (bubble bath, fun sponge, bath bombs, scented candle, soft towel)

26. a beach kit (suntan lotion, sunglasses, towel, trashy novel)

27. tickets to a theme park

28. an engraved glass or tankard

29. a massage

30. a flying lesson

31. a beer‐brewing kit

32. a wine‐making kit

33. organise a booze cruise to Calais

34. a cocktail box (cocktail shaker, glasses, a book on how to make them, miniature spirits)

35. a goldfish

36. a digital camera

37. a chess set

38. a love‐making guide

39. tickets to see their favourite band

40. tickets to a sporting event

41. a bottle of Champagne

42. a bottle of good wine

43. a night in an expensive hotel

44. a golf lesson

45. six months supply of chocolate

46. a gite bond

47. rainforest sponsorship

48. a remote‐control flying saucer

49. a kiss‐o‐gram

50. a trip on a party bus 

51. a parachute jump

52. a trip in a helicopter

53. a singing telegram

54. a year’s subscription to a mobile phone

55. a subscription to an exclusive club

56. a night on the town

57. a meal for two (you and them) at their favourite restaurant

58. throw a dinner party in their honour

59. hire a chef to cook them dinner

60. make them a birthday cake

61. a picnic hamper

62. a manicure and pampering session at your local beauty salon

63. a crate of lager

64. a bottle of vodka and a few cans of Red Bull

65. sexy underwear for boys and girls

66. a drive in a limo

67. a chauffeur for the day

68. a maid for the day

69. a bicycle

70. a hamper of their favourite food

71. a clock

72. a piece of jewellery incorporating their birthstone

73. an ‘It’s my birthday’ T‐shirt

74. a candle kit (collection of candles, oils and a burner)

75. Champagne flutes

76. a chocolate‐lovers kit (chocolate spread, hot chocolate, a yard of chocolate, chocolate body paint and a chocolate liqueur drink)

77. a silver or gold locket

78. a ‘good night in’ box, (video, chocolate, popcorn, face pack, relaxing music)

79. shot glasses

80. a leather‐bound book

81. open a ‘saving money for travelling’ bank account for them

82. a Palm Pilot

83. a kite

84. a telescope

85. a paragliding lesson

86. a bow tie and cummerbund set

87  a ride in a hot‐air balloon

88. take them paint‐balling

89. a water‐skiing lesson

90. a day shopping with the girls/boys

91. a flight to Amsterdam

92. good books ‐‐ a collection of the classics or all the works of one author

93. personalised mouse/place mats

94. a weekend at a health farm

95. a scooter

96. a signet ring

97. a trip to the zoo to recapture some childhood memories

98. a makeover

99. a year’s worth of cinema tickets

100. a surprise party

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